Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Of Muffins and Bamboo

That's about half of the 900+ mini-muffins the Southern Sisters Team baked for the Ride To Provide, a local motorcycle charity event last weekend.
Let's see, they baked blueberry, carrotcake, cinnamon, praline, lemon, and one or two other muffin varieties for the bikers.
It was a great success and the girls made some good future business contacts as they served breakfast.

Look at Baby Boo now! That was Sunday, he's even taller now. I am just in awe of this plant.

After some of you mentioned trenching the culms to propagate bamboo, I thought I had missed the boat on REALLY increasing my timber bamboo plantation.
Then, Sunday as I stripped branches from the culms I was saving to dry as timber, I found deep green culms at the bottom of the pile that had been shaded and kept moist due to that location.
I figured there was nothing to lose but a few extra pieces of bamboo, so I cut them into pieces with 2 nodes and green branches.
These soaked in the aquaculture tank for two days to fully rehydrate and yesterday I trenched them in the rain as the sun set.
We shall see.

How many times have I said that to my students during dissection labs? I sliced my pinkie pretty good and the nurse went all hyper bandaging it up. I judge all cuts by the one the finger to the left took a few years ago out in the Gulf of Florida, so I didn't think this one was such a big deal.

Have a great Wednesday. I feel like this could be humpday for my cold too.


Dani said...

I'm so glad Mrs.FC is a nurse. Makes us all feel a little more comfortable. :)

Bill said...

I still hold the record for slices with the near removal of my palm by John Griffey with the machete, 9th grade 36 stitches. I measure all my injuries by that one, including the pinkie I slammed in the door yesterday. I did not get the bamboo pictures for you yet, but I see you are starting to get the picture.

Thanks for sharing,


Anonymous said...

900 muffins? There were only about 100 left when I got after them Saturday, and boy were they delicious. Thank you, Southern Sisters!

TROLL Y2K said...

That's a LOT of tasty muffins. HEFF is hosting the September CULINARY THROWDOWN. Yes, that's scary but I think you and/or The Sisters could win again.

robin andrea said...

Keep us posted on that bamboo experiment. I am definitely interested in seeing how that turns out. And yes, always cut away from yourself. Good to be reminded. Hope that mends quickly.

SophieMae said...

Dawg! That's a lotta muffins! I, for one, would like to see the oven in question.

Ain't bamboo a wonder?! You can practically watch the stuff grow. As much as 4' a day under the right conditions. Duller's been wanting to start a grove out back.

Thanks ever so for not showing the actual woundation. I'm blessed/cursed with extreme empathy. *shudder* 8-}

Heff said...

Ha, Troll didn't figure I'd stop by ! I've got Bamboo growing in my back yard at such a rate, I'm afraid in a few years, I won't have a back yard anymore !!

Oh yeah....IT'S ON !!

lisa said...

Mmmm lemon is my favorite! Bamboo looks pretty good! You are supposed to be showing a good example! He,he Hope the finger isn't too painful!

amarkonmywall said...

Pandas! Time for pandas! They make some of the best zoodoo, so you could use it on your datils. Great job with the bamboo- pretty impressive how fast it grows. And speaking of impressive, ALL THOSE MUFFINS!

You're such a cheerful one, with cuts and colds and all. Be careful and feel better.

Caroline said...

My "cut away from yourself" scar is in the palm of my left hand, it involved a nice ripe pear.

My father says all those nicks and scars "add character to your hands".
Mine have plenty of character, bet yours do too.

Ericka said...

i WAS cutting away from myself when i sliced into my index finger as a kid. i was helping dad wire a house, and was cutting the wire off the fishtape. i didn't need no stinkin' stitches, which is why my hands are just full of character now. i hope yours doesn't add too much character...

mmmm, muffins.

i have a thing for tables and that one is pretty. i like it. yours?

Freste said...

There's a company that will plant a 'boo fence in a yard here for privacy. They get something like $100/LF.

You'll need to vac bag a bucket of those muffins and express them here for some substantial fund raising rewards. Mmmmmmmm...

Oh and look at that. Cutting towards you gives you a few extra nodes. This gives me an idea. An evil, awful, terrible idea.

Anonymous said...

Poor FC, sorry for the cut. The muffins so look great. I love lemon poppy seed. Hmmm, hmm good.

The bamboo looks great! One day I will get some!

I read a blog that might interest you. A science teacher from New Hampshire. His post today was about how he demonstrates gravity. He reminds me of you. Good husband, father etc.

Have a great weekend......Patti

nativemom said...

Holy Muffin Mania!!!

Floridacracker said...

That fact has come in handy more times than you can imagine.

Griffey, heehee. Those were the days.

I got to taste some too, they were great!

Again? I thought I was first place loser.

It's closing up nicely!!

You really could watch it grow and for the most part it would be more interesting than 80% of what's on tv now.

Cool Heff! I will be heading over to check it out!

Do as I say, not as I do!

Completely characterized I fear. Especially my poor left hand since the right one is always holding the knife.

Scars are just tattoos with better stories.
The table is one of the sisters, not ours.

No human propagation in the back yard.

Thanks for all of that especially the website to visit.

Native Mom,
POW! muffins WHACK! more muffins! ZOOM!

Sabrina Garza said...

Those muffins look SO muffinicious! Heheh. I’d love to taste one, may I? :) Judging from the picture, you only had a few bamboo poles. But I assume after 3 years, you have succeeded in propagating bamboo at your backyard now.

Careful said...

I want to try the praline muffins. Sorry you got cut but thanks for the warning/reminder.