Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She's A Veteran To Me

It's Veterans Day again.

On this day and Memorial Day in the past, I've posted about my vet friends and the sacrifices they've made through their service.

... And I've posted about the students of mine who died in combat.

Combat ...

It's a fact that most veterans never see combat.

That takes nothing away from their importance as part of the defense team. Each part of the team is vital.
It takes nothing away from the personal sacrifices of literally years away from home and family, that many vets endure while on active duty.

Still, I wonder, in this new age endless, boundaryless war, ... who is a veteran? I know veterans probably don't want that label diluted, and yet this attack, and future attacks in this new reality will be dealt with by civilian officers.

Yes, there is a day set aside for honoring law enforcement officers ... can you name the month it occurs in without googling?

I didn't think so.

At Fort Hood, the carnage wrought by an terrorist was stopped by a civilian cop who went to the fight and successfully engaged the shooter. The killing and wounding stopped at that moment.

A wife, a mother of a toddler, and one hell of a police officer.

This year, Kimberly Munley is my favorite veteran.


TROLL Y2K said...

Yes, we don't want the term Veteran and Veteran's Day "diluted" or misunderstood. And we ESPECIALLY don't like Memorial Day to be misunderstood.

Honor the service and courage of Kimberly Munley. Say a prayer for the families of any civilians killed by the muslib Nidal Hasan.

But do not call Munley a Veteran unless she wore the uniform of the USA. And do not invoke the names of civilians killed on Memorial Day.

Keep those terms and those days what they were meant to be.

Carol said...

I tend to think the word for her is HERO. That one gets spread all over too...but in this case it really fits. Luckily someone there had a gun...what does that tell ya.

Thanks vets..we owe it all to you.

cndymkr / jean said...

May. If you ever have the chance to be in Washington, DC please visit the Memorial.

Of course I am married to a Police Officer so I had a certain advantage to knowing the answer.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, that is the prevailing view, but I think the line is being greyed. The next terrorist attack may be stopped by a licensed to carry pure civilian.
I think you should rethink your "muslib" label since you applied it to Hasan. There is nothing liberal about a muslim extremist. It is medieval fundamentalism, not any form of liberalism.

Hero definitely applies here...too.

Thank him for me.

Miz S said...

Damn. You've had students killed in combat?

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
Yup. Two I know of.

edifice rex said...

I thought she was a very brave woman too. she deserves the admiration and respect.