Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Weather Is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful*

It's almost 8:00 am, 48 degrees, windy and rainy.
It is also FFA fair pig pick-up day for us.
If you had a machine that would allow you to push a button for whatever weather you want, this weather would be activated by a big red button that said, "WORSE POSSIBLE FLORIDA WEATHER FOR TRANSPORTING YOUNG SPOILED SHOW PIGLETS IN AN OPEN TRAILER."

Oh well, we deal with what we are dealt.

In an hour or so, Junior and I will be heading up to Mayo to meet and bring home one final FFA fair pig.

You long time PF pals know the story, because for as long as there has been a PF, there has been the annual winter saga of one or more fair pigs here.
If you are new to PF and wondering about all this, simply search this blog under "fair pig".
It's been an interesting ride in a porky sorta way.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have reached the finish line.
Uno mas.

Bear let me sleep in past 5:30 am this morning, saving his plaintive little whines until 7ish.

We both came in with cold toes and he immediately went to the laundry room to steal a sock. Standard Bear procedure is to steal a clothing item, peer at you expectantly from around the corner of the hall, and then dash to the bedroom, sliding under the bed with his treasure.

This morning, he came too close to tempt me for the chase and I snagged the sock with my frozen, yet still prehensile toes. (yes, we do our morning walk barefooted ... or bare pawed)

Right now, we are waiting for some biscuits to come out of the oven, at which point I am loading one with Smuckers Natural peanut butter (crunchy of course) and Smuckers Simply Fruit blackberry jam.
Biscuit number 2 gets the same peanut butter with a dollop of Mayhaw jelly that my Uncle Bob sent me.

(Uncle Bob, it is delicious! Sorry I never sent a thank you, your sister raised me better than that!)

I'll need this proteiny/carby breakfast 'cause it looks like I'm going to be cold and wet AGAIN today.
Last night my soccer girls played in a cold rain, while other schools in the area cancelled their games.
Counting the pregame warm up hour, it was about 3 hours in 50 degree rain.
Oh, did we win?
Well, we did much better this time than the first time we played this team ... but I still have a beard, if you know what I mean ...

Now, I must awaken the lad so he assist in the pig related chores of the day.
I hope your Saturday is full of adventure.

Make it so.

*yes, parrotheads, it's one of his.


Pablo said...

Kind of sad about this being the last fair pig. I hope Junior does really well with this last one.

Crunchy peanut butter. Good!

Sayre said...

The weather is in Houston... I sure wish we'd get some snow sometime.

Congratulations on the end of the pig line. I know Jr. will make it count.

Funny Bear...

threecollie said...

You have my sympathies. We were just rejoicing this morning when we were finishing up in the milkhouse that this is a pig-less year at Northview. Good luck!

Miz S said...

Such a poignant year for you and Mrs FC. A poignant pig project. Maybe you should keep this one as a special reminder of Junior's youth.

And hey - I've had all sorts of adventures today. Maybe I'll even post!

Hurricane Teen said...

If you want to borrow my weather machine, you are more than welcome to do so...My friends insist that I have one, though I don't believe I've ever seen it.
And, wow, your last show pig! They will all be missed (though I'm sure you won't miss them too much)

cndymkr / jean said...

I wonder how Bear will respond to this years pig.

Rurality said...

I want to see the pig!

Glad you are still speaking to me after I've been gone so long. Also, after Alabama beat Florida! ;)

Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

Floridacracker said...

Yes, these milestones are bittersweet, aren't they?
Crunchy PB rules!

33 this morning, but now we've hit 40.

That's next year for me!

Miz S,
OMG! You posted !!! Gotta go see.

I won't miss the feed bill.

I'm gonna find out when I finish this cup of coffee.

I am so happy to see you back in the mix that I will just ignore the fact that you stomped us.
:) Pig to come today!

A Fine Day,
Thank you for the wisdom.

Kathy said... is cold in Alabama! I can't go out barefoot unless it is 80 degrees +! And yes, as Rurality said, we had a good day here! Roll Tide!!

I, too, am sad to see the end of the pig era. Loved the pics and wish we could do that with our kids. Would be a great experience for them. Maybe our house will sell sometime soon and we can move in more hospitable areas for just that type of thing.