Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nipple Replacement, New Pigs, and Bear's Project

Junior and the new show pig getting acquainted.

Yesterday went smooth, even when one of his girl FFA buddies called and asked us to pick up her pig for her ... ahem, that's an extra $190.

"Tell your Dad I'll pay him back on Monday."

She spent today getting familiar with her surroundings. It's probably her first time on dirt and she did a lot of rooting about. I'm sure her powerful nose can read that soil like a book and it's telling her of other pigs that lived here too.

Unlike a book, she can not flip to the back and read the ending, which is a good thing of course.

We have a nipple waterer of course, but she has to find it first.
I take it off in the nonpig season so I can use the waterline for irrigation, but I replaced it yesterday.
They usually find it pretty quick.
In the meantime, we set a bowl of water in the pen so we could be sure she had a drink.

She wowed us by blowing bubbles in it. I did get a little of that on video and will try to load that later this week.

This is a view through her pig shelter. She has a fine rear end and the long body that show pig judges desire ... when I say desire, I just mean it's the kind they like to score ... no, wait, what I am trying to say is this body type is what wins fairs.

She had a big day yesterday and today has been grey and cold, so the pine shavings and heat lamp of her piggy penthouse felt pretty good.
She's eating well and is still wary of us, but with apples and back scratches, we will soon win her over.
Since you are wondering, Bear has expressed only passing interest in her. Last year was his first pig and this one is soooooo, you know ... last year and all.
Bear is too busy to live in the past. He's got a big project going online.
What? Your dog doesn't surf the web?
Weird ...
Bear is working on a 2010 photo calendar called "A Year Of Bear".
You know you want one.


threecollie said...

Another wonderful PF piggy. I am kinda jealous of her (except for the end of the book part). I mean what's not to like? Good food, good drink, good friends...and all in Florida...where I assume there is no snow.

bjarthur said...

Is there anyone that doesn't desire "a fine rear end"?

nfmgirl said...

LOL! I thought you were referring to Junior as her "nipple replacement", as he would be feeding her now! Guess not! (What can I say? That's what it's like living in my brain!)

That's SOME PIG!

cinbad122 said...

Name? Can I suggest "Last Straw"?

Floridacracker said...

No snow yet, but Alabama got some.

LOL! Welcome to Pure Florida.

No, but that's a logical train of thought! LOL!

I will take that under consideration. If he doesn't name it this year, I will choose something.
Last year's "Pig" lacked something.

Dani said...

Another little cutie! Love seeing her stretched out and relaxed under the heat lamp.

Anonymous said...

Name....How about Bubbles?

elpbulls said...

Awww cutie!! See you all soon!!

Floridacracker said...

Looks cozy doesn't she?

I really like that name.

Can't wait!