Sunday, February 28, 2010

Butts and Breasts

When I arrived home from work the other day, the whiny barred owl was sitting in the majestic live oak tree that commands my front yard. I almost didn't photograph it ... the light was going quickly, I needed to let Bear out, and I have posted a bazillion barred owl on a limb shots here at PF.

BUT, I could not help myself, so I walked around for a few minutes shooting from different angles while Bear, who knew I was home, went crazy inside the house.

I think this rear end view is a new one for PF barred owl photos, so enjoy!

Nature's perfect food.

I picked up a nice little basket fryer yesterday and tried it out as soon as I got it home. Winn Dixie had some whopper chicken breasts on sale, so I grabbed a pack for my test subjects.

I skinned them, cut them into thirds, and soaked them in a brine of salt and Tony C's Cajun Seasoning.
While they soaked, I unpacked and washed the new fryer.
I breaded them lightly with House Autrey chicken breading and let them rest on a piece of parchment paper long enough to get a good adhesion, and then into the oil they went.

The little booklet said 20-25 minutes for chicken wings. That seemed insane to me and there was no mention of Dolly Parton sized mutant chicken breast cooking times, so I channeled my inner teenager.

Ohhhhmmmmmmmmmm .... going back to 1975 .... ohhhmmmmmmmmm ... summer job at Crescent Beach Maryland Fried Chicken Stand .... ohhhhmmmmm .... how long did we fry that chicken .... ohhmmmmmmmm .... about 13 minutes ....

Back to the future.

I set the timer on the fryer for 13 minutes and let her go.

When the chicken came out, it was so beautiful, I didn't cry or anything girly like that, but it was a wonder to behold.

I did burn my fingers and my tongue as I dug in to it's steamy, juicy, crispiness.

I ate the first batch while the second batch was cooking.

Skinless and hand trimmed of huge yellow globs of fat by me, it was about as "healthy" as true fried chicken can get.

Sorry milk and eggs, fried chicken is nature's perfect food.

Ya gotchur protein, carbs, and fats all in one nice, neat, delicious package.


Now, I'm going outside. It is a spectacular day out there.

Here's a little owl video ... narration by Bear.


threecollie said...

Awed by your owl, amazed by your chicken and delighted by everything.

robin andrea said...

I love seeing that barred owl, you can post as many pictures as you want. What a cool, nonchalant bird.

It wouldn't be girly if you cried. Well, maybe a little, but you've gotten close to alligators and cotton mouths, so there's a manly balance.

S N B said...

As I was scanning this entry, I thought, "NO WAY!! He did NOT fry that owl!"

Dani said...

Feel free to post owl pics and videos anytime. We love them!

Miz S said...

If I hadn't just downed 2 delicious pieces of lasagne, I would be craving some fried chicken right about now. Yay food!

Caroline said...

Owl bellies...there's something to glad it didn't gift you with a present from that angle. :o)

Alan said...

I think it is a sin to be from the South and not like grease dripping from your mouth after you've devoured some fried chicken. Mmmmmm...

Thunder Dave said...

That's awesome how you got the robotic owl to operate so life like with the turning of the head and blinking! ;-)

Hey that chicken looks tasty, probably even better with an Amber Bock! ;-)

Thunder Dave said...

I also forgot to tell you: Good Job on motivating the kids to learn last week!
Belive it or not our jobs have a lot in common, my kids are just older. ;-)

Floridacracker said...

3C, Dani,Robin,
The barred owl family are so, well, familiar here, that I always hesitate to post.
I hear you and will continue owl posting as the owls allow!

The thought of implying that I had fried the owl did pass through my impish brain, but I resisted.

Miz S,
Fried chicken can be served as desert you know.

I didn't dawdle there for that reason.

Yes, but I figure any grease that stays in the pan means a larger chicken allowance for me.

I see you got my message! It was great with an Amber Bock.
This was little out of the way pub fried chicken good.

ImagineMel said...

ahhhh....a man after my own heart. :)

Floridacracker said...

You look at owl butts too?

amarkonmywall said...

I love the butt shot. I have that same view of a visiting suitor who comes every afternoon to call on our captive rehab barred owl. We should all look so good from that vantage point.

I had fried chicken today from a little southside restaurant here in St. Pete called Chattaways. Absolutely divine! But it had the skin on so probably wasn't as healthy as yours. What kind of oil did you use?

Kimberlee said...
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Floridacracker said...

Noting Chattaways for possible exploration.

I like peanut oil for deep frying, but this was a less expensive blend called, "Southern Frying Oil".

Kimberlee said...

Was Bear "narrating" at the owl or just making general comments? The owl was obviously not concerned. :)

ImagineMel said...

LOL...ummm...NO! They scare me. ;)