Monday, June 21, 2010

It Was A Blur, But It's Clearer Now

The last two weeks have been somewhat of a blur.

With the baby boy graduating, there were celebrations, awards ceremonies, graduation, graduation parties, more graduation parties, a college orientation trip, and then Father's Day.

Today seems like the first normal day since early June, but it's early yet ...

(it was a pool party)

NEVER allow this lad near a Karaokidokie machine.
That's all I'm saying about that.
His graduation party was a riot ... mostly due to his "singing" ... loudly ... with his friends ... and about his friends.
Anyone who walked by was incorporated into the lyrics being sung at the moment.

Here he is in a calmer moment, crooning a tune to his sister ...

... who was not impressed.

The next day was graduation with actual clothing and lots of huggy pictures. I'm just including a few here.
The photo above is Junior with my big brother.

Big sis, Katie, gives the new graduate some advice on being successful.

The new grad with his Grandparents.

Three amigos who have been together since kindergarten.

Junior made us beam with pride at event after event over the past two weeks, not the karaoke thing ... no, not that. Singing may not be his special talent.
He was ranked 5th in his class, and at the senior awards night, he walked away with $6250 worth of scholarships on top of the full Florida Bright Futures scholarship.
Here's some advice to parents of high school age ... have your child explore every scholarship opportunity, no matter how small. Those $500 and $1000 mini-scholarships add up fast. Junior spent a lot of evenings this winter/spring writing scholarship essays and filling out forms.
It paid off ... that $6250 figure represents about 6 different scholarships that he won.
Trust me, even with larger scholarships and prepaid college accounts, you will need every extra penny ... or is that just me, now that I officially have 3 kids in college at the same time?
All the hoopla is over now, but it was quite a two week ride.
... And then along came Father's Day.

Amber Bock, green tea, corn on the cob, salad, mashed potatoes with an Irish gravy made from Guinness Stout beer, and a ginormous porterhouse steak.
There was a chocolate pound cake and some super dark, rich, Chocolate Dream cookies too.
Damn that Man vs. Food guy! Last week, after watching him polish off some giant hunk of meat, Mrs. FC asked me what I wanted for Father's Day dinner, and I said, " I want a huge steak, one so big that I am ready to be done when I get to the end of it, instead of wanting a little more."
She did good on the picking and the grilling, because it was perfect.
So, now it's back to eating lighter and healthier, but every once in a while, I need a giant hunk of cow.
On top of that great meal, my JEEP disappeared for a few hours yesterday, ... along with my crew and when it returned, it had spiffy new JEEP logo seat covers and was completely cleaned and detailed inside and out!
It's so purty, I'm afraid to get in it.


Sayre said...

Busy is my middle name too.

Congratulations to Junior on both his graduation AND on all the nifty scholarship money! We're a little ways off on the college thing (the boy starts middle school this fall), but it's good to know. We have the 2+2 prepaid plan, figuring on him staying with us and getting a job to pay for books. Best laid plans and all that, though.

Happy Father's day!

robin andrea said...

Three kids in college!! I'd say a Father's Day of that magnitude was definitely in order. Congrats to Junior and a hearty very well done on that scholarship money.

threecollie said...

Congratulations! To you and the whole family. Three in college at once, wow..we just missed that and those scholarships were golden for us too. Your big brother looks so much like you...or you like him...that I had to look closely for a minute.

cndymkr / jean said...

You certainly have been busy. I don't suppose you have any video of Jr. singing? Congratulations to him for all the scholarships. Every little bit helps.

Thunder Dave said...

Way to go JR!
Belated Happy Father's Day!
We went with chicken, but it still involved a grill!

edifice rex said...

Yea! for Jr.! and you are exactly right about applying for every scholarship you can. I did that with grants also and it was what got me through college.
Congratulations on all your kids and glad you had a great Father's day!

Sharon said...

Congrats to him, and Happy Father's day to you :) My baby girl graduated too, it's been an emotional couple of weeks. She also got the full Bright Futures, hallelujah!! LOL

The Florida Blogger said...

Yep, that is quite a steak. One is calling my name sometimes this week.

lisa said...

Congradulations! I have one that is just about done with college and one that has three years left. I see you had a great feast for Fathers day! We had BBQ on the grill with potatoe salad and home made kraut! You have a very nice looking family!

Dani said...

Congrats Jr.!!!

Your mom and dad look great FC!

Ericka said...

congratulations to you all!

as for scholarships, you aren't kidding. also, talk to each college regarding their specialized scholarships - i got $250/year for being left handed and having a good gpa. and make sure you investigate different service organizations and such - i wrote a patriotic speech and won $500 from the american vets of foreign wars. the best was because i had taken 4 years of each of english, math, science, a foreign language and maybe something else, i got $2000 from the state. i was the only one at my school who qualified since my high school only required 2 years of a language.

there's money out there, but you have to dig, and do not just think that the guidance councillor is going to know.

anyway, happy father's day too!

Cathy S. said...

Congrats to JR. Good news on the scholarships. Mom and Pop look good too.

Ava said...

Congrats to all of you. Looks like a lot of fun. What's the recipe on that Irish Gravy? Sounded interesting.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks to all for the congrats and sound scholarship hunting advice. He reads PF ... especially when it features him, so I know he will enjoy your kind words.

And thanks for noticing how spiffy my Mom and Dad are!
They totally rock.

And no, we did not videotape any of the very loud, offkey singing.
Just use your imagination.


kathy a. said...

wow, wow, wow! congrats, junior!

jojo said...

a bit belated but happy graduation and congratulations... and happy father day FC!