Monday, June 28, 2010

Prawns and Lemon-Blueberry Quick Bread

No, not "Prawns and Lemon-Blueberry Quick Bread", as in prawns and blueberries in the lemon quick bread.


First a freshwater prawn update and then the bread.

The larger shrimp in the photo above is the pregnant female prawn. The yellow mass beneath her abdomen is her clutch of eggs which she will protect and oxygenate by gentle fanning of her swimmerets until they hatch.
I've asked her to cut me a little slack on the due date.
I am still setting up her nursery, but time is getting short.
She will not wait on me.

Above is the largest of the prawns on the day I moved him from the school RAS to my home RAS.
He is pretty magnificent ... and not full grown.

They have learned to creep up the tank towards me when I peer in at them as it usually means that they are about to be fed.
At this point, I have moved all the prawns home for summer grow out and attempted breeding.

Here is the lemon-blueberry quick bread.
Yesterday morning, there was a collander of "ripe,but picked 2 days ago" blueberries on the counter when I stumbled out to make my coffee.
I remembered an ancient box of lemon-poppyseed muffin mix that had sat in the pantry for a year, so I snatched it out and threw in a few handfuls of my blueberries.

It was delicious and is just about gone now.

Which is what I need to be ... gone ... blogging is about to make me late for something yet again.
Got a doctor appointment ... two actually.
When you teach, you schedule all this stuff during the summer.

Speaking of doctors... one of our own blogger pals, and a favorite hippy of mine, Roger of the Dharma Bums, is undergoing cancer surgery today.

I'll be thinking of him and his lovely wife, Robin, today and hoping for the very best.


tai haku said...

so what are you gonna feed the little 'uns? phytoplankton? rotifers or something? I tried raising scarlet cleaner shrimp once after one spawned in my aquarium. Didn't last long unfortunately because of the food issue but these guys look like they will put out bigger offspring.

Sayre said...

I've got two huge containers of blueberries just waiting for something. I think I'm going to freeze some of them so we can have blueberry goodness in the middle of winter.

Thunder Dave said...

Man what a teasing title! ;-)
That bread does look good too!

ImagineMel said...

Yeah, and I know who those blueberries were SUPPOSED to be for!! :(
word verification: boyagori as is "Boyagori, he done forgot my blueberries again..."

Octohawk said...

I've read your blog for awhile, and have maybe left a comment here or there, but I just wanted to drop a line and say I really do love your blog. Keep up the great work.

You mention you're a teacher. If you don't mind me asking, what do you teach?

The Florida Blogger said...

Now, you balk at prawn and lemon-blueberry quick bread, but you were the one making a peach, blueberry, pecan cobbler for desert last week. I just thought you up'd the ante.

Floridacracker said...

I have to raise brine shrimp naupli for them. They also have to spend some time in 12ppt salinity water before going back to fresh.
It's an interesting challenge.

We have been picking and freezing this week. Too many to keep up with!

The bread was good, the prawns await the test.

I warned them both to not forget the berries!

Welcome to Pure Florida! I'm glad you enjoy PF.
I teach science, often both high and middle, but lately at the high school level only.
Marine Science and Environmental Science mostly.
Thanks for the kind words!

I mix fruits and nuts, but not with seafood.
I'm VERY traditional southern when it comes to seafood.
No fruitycocanutty seafood.
Boiled, steamed, cajun anything, and fried.

Miz S said...

Yeah, I've got to schedule some of those doctor appointments, too. This over-50 maintenance is a pain.

Sorry to hear about what the Dharma Bums are going through. I hope it all turns out well for Roger.

Floridagirl said...

It really wasn't an appetizing title. Glad you clarified that. Love that bread idea. Very creative...and easy! Might have to copy that one.

Hope your friend's surgery went well.

Ericka said...

i read your title and thought, "ewwwww!" glad you clarified.

hope the surgery went okay? how's frank?

Dani said...

Thinking good thoughts for Roger & Robin. Hope they take good care of him and they can go back to enjoying life in their new home.

kathy a. said...

your aqua world seems to be doing great! that bread looks delish, too.

Caroline said...

My lovely mother-in-law has invented some pretty weird concoctions, but I don't think she has ever combined prawns and blueberries in anything...fortunately she is not a computer geek at age 86,and won't see PF or she might try it! (^_^)