Monday, August 30, 2010

Black Bear In Our Pond

The rains of the past two weeks have raised our little pond to the halfway mark ... something we have not seen for quite some time.
Bear, in his short Labrador doggy existence, has never seen such a thing here at PFHQ, so he is just beside himself with the joy of wetness.

Yesterday, after a long weekend of mowing and hauling of branches, it was time for a Bear break.
So, I grabbed the retriever water toy that has been dry for waaaay too long, and we headed down to the pond.

Outgoing Bear.

Arrival Bear.

Returning Bear

Here is a long view of the pond. The land slopes gently upward toward PFHQ from here. We are talking very gently ... this is Florida after all.
The little dock on the right side of this view was submerged beneath two feet of water in the Hurricane summer of 2004 when PFHQ received 16 inches of rain in a couple of days.
Back then, the Pond went all LAKEY on us and rose up like a giant amoeba to swallow trees, lawn, and driveway.
It was wonderful.
It's still wonderful in a pondy sort of way.
Below, a little video of Bear doing what Labs were born to do.


Sayre said...

Smart dog! Easier to run than to swim. I love how he just goes in after it though. Reminds me of my old dog...

Anonymous said...

Such a good doggie!

kathy a. said...

great action shots!

cinbad122 said...

I love the adventures of Bear. It always makes my day a little happier! :)

lisa said...

Gotta love them! Jake would of been in the pond before I even had the darn thing thrown!

elpbulls said...

Awe!!! He's sooo cute! :) Hope it keeps filling up until I get home.

Kimberly said...

Bear Rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Gotta love that boy!

Hope Mrs Fc is all healed.

Good luck to Junior this school year.


Floridacracker said...

This is all so new for him. He is still figuring out what to do ! LOL

And he smells good too.

Kathy A,
ACTION is his middle name! ... or, is it SHOE SHREDDER... I forget.

AS does a comment from you! Glad Bear made you smile!

You sure do! Jake and Bear could have a blast in this pond.

The boy can't help it ... he's just eat up with the cuteness.
I wanna go home and hug him right now.

You are exactly right on that observation!!!

If you eat at the Texas Roadhouse he might bus your tables.
(Junior, not Bear)

Dani said...

We just love Bear!

Glad he's getting to enjoy the pond. :)

The Florida Blogger said...

So, FC, does you property value go up when you have lake property:)

Ericka said...

yay, bear!

i taught my shepherd to shake on command. she'd jump in the pool, go to the person i pointed to, and at "shake, shake, shake!" would cut loose. kept us both entertained for years. :-)

Bill said...

All labs except mine. Brownie for some mysterious reason is terrified of water, cats, and brooms. He is a pound hound so you never know what happened to him in his life on the street. You should see what happens when the doorbell rings. We still love him, but he is a little weird.
Thanks for the movies.


Thunder Dave said...

Fun to watch! I like how he drops it and sits with his back to you, facing the pond, ready for the next throw!

Deb said...

When Sally retrieves, she usually runs around with the stick for a while before giving it to me. Good dog Bear!

LauraHinNJ said...

Your Bear and my Luka are twins, separated at birth. I'm sure of it!

(except yours is better trained, I think!)

LaDivaCucina said...

I love that you have this pond in your backyard! If I was a kid, I would have loved growing up with that! Do you have many frogs? Skeeters? (or Mozzies as we say in Australia?) Bear sure looks happy.