Friday, August 27, 2010

Rain ... A Lot Of Rain. Posts ... A Lack Of Posts

It has rained so frequently lately that I honestly don't remember the last sunny, rainless day. This rain has been tropical in it's intensity and volume also ... we're not talking about light showers.
It rains in the day.
It rains all night.

The pond is up.
Buckets left outside are filling up.
The soft top on the JEEP is old and the JEEP is filling up too.
Roadside ditches are brimming and just itching to claim the road as their own.
The frogs are celebrating.
Critters are on the move due to high water levels ... I had to swerve to avoid a 3 foot gator last week on the way home from work.
He made it. I made it too.
The last of the house painting has been on hold for weeks due to daily rains and I'm pretty sure my decision to paint is what caused most of this rain.

Torrential rains have kept me from my photographic duties and to top it off, I have some internet issues at home, so bear with me.
They updated my school issue laptop recently and in the process changed some settings which have caused me a few connection headaches since.
Since we do not have administrative privileges on these county computers, I can not go in and fix things myself, which just adds to the delay in posting.

Obviously, I need to just get my own laptop and free myself from the "pain" of a school bureaucracy unit.

Speaking of pain, Mrs. FC hurt her knee doing something called, "Zumba" ... (Zumba? I thought she was Catholic) ... so, her mobility is limited right now. I have been busy there too.

It's a little perfect storm of events that are conspiring to make posting difficult.
Just wanted y'all to know that the spotty posting is not a new policy, just a temporary glitch.


kathy a. said...

sounds rather damp. best on resolving the internet problems, and i hope mrs. FC is feeling better soon!

Deb said...

We've had ten more inches of rain than normal here this summer. My pond is full. I wish I could blame my lack of posting on Internet issues instead of laziness, but like you say I don't plan on making it a new policy. Wishing Mrs. FC speedy healing!

cndymkr / jean said...

I hope Mrs. FC is better soon. From what I've heard Zumba is crazy. Of course, I think think anything that makes you sweat is crazy.

We had a horribly wet summer last year and this year we've got drought warnings. You just can't win some times.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You've been getting hammered. I've been watching it on the radar. We've got our fair share down here in the Big Cypress and SW Florida too, a solid 12 inches (if not more) region wide since the start of August.

Sayre said...

I love the rain... I probably belong somewhere where it rains a lot!

I've been dealing with my husband's knee - he had knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago. He's getting around pretty well now, but I'm still the one doing the heavy lifting (mowing, pool-cleaning, furniture moving). My posting has gotten a little sparse too!

robin andrea said...

I have to admit I'm a little envious of all that rain. We haven't had a drop since June. California is so crazy that way.

I hope things clear up in every way, so you can get back to posting, painting, and playing.

I commiserate with Mrs. FC. My knee started to complain two weeks ago, and has not stopped since. Knees can be so fussy. Sending her good wishes for speedy healing.

Mr Lonely said...

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Cathy S. said...

Wishes for speedy recovery for Mrs. FC. Thanks for the warning about Zumba. My co workers are trying to get me to try it. So, far I am resistant. First Sunny day I can remember in a while here yesterday. Hope you get one today.

Buford Nature said...

No, it's raining because I am trying to put in a driveway. But I'm not complaining after a decade of drought, lakes drying up, three solid weeks of 100+ degree August-September weather and millions of new FL residents with their straws sucking down the Floridan Aquifer.

Take advantage of the cooler wet weather by going canoeing in the rain and afterward drink a beer at Turner's Fish Camp. Or go slogging Sunday through the Wekiva Spring Run swamp that the SRWMD wants to justify selling off to cronies for hunting camps by claiming it is uplands.

BTW, that's a great advertisement for Jeep, heh.

threecollie said...

Hope Mrs. FC feels better soon. And your posts are worth waiting until things smooth out.

Ericka said...

we haven't gotten quite that much rain here, but it's been close. i've been thinking about building an ark...

hope mrs. fc's knee recovers quickly!

SophieMae said...

So you're the one I need to blame. CUT IT OUT! ;)

We really have needed it, though, coz after all we've had, there's still none standing (for long) in the yard. Creek's up, Dude!

Miz S said...

Hmmm. The spotty posting. I'm all about that. But I'm glad YOU'RE not.

Thunder Dave said...

Tell "Patience" that Lightnin and I both hope she gets to feeling better.

I guess we need to take some of the blame off of you, trying to build the house probably helped influence the rain too!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks y'all for the kind wishes.
Mrs. FC is at the doctor right now so hopefully we can get that leg mended.
And ... it has not rained all day.