Friday, August 13, 2010

Dat Will Do It For Now

This extremely cold winter had me running my datil pepper seedlings in and out of the house back in January and February.
OUT for sun - IF it was warm enough - IN for warmth at night and many days too - then OUT for sun - In for ... well, you get the idea.
It all paid off though. Even though the cold and my own bumbling cost me some baby datils, the plants who survived are thriving.
The proof is in the photo above.
We made a triple-size batch of datil pepper relish a few days ago.
I seeded 55 datil peppers to get 2.5 cups of whole peppers ... and yes, I wore gloves for that job!
Once bitten, twice shy ... if you know what I mean.
I saved the seeds by the way and will offer them again this winter when it's closer to seed starting time.
In other news ...
Junior has an apartment and a job! It all fell together for him in the last week so we are moving things from here to there and are in an even bigger state of disarray around here than normal.
I have to go back to work Monday. Nuff said.
Bear went to St. Augustine yesterday and thrilled his grandparents to no end. He is like a magic happy drug ... without any bad effects ... except for the whole addiction thing.
My college roomie, Dave, and his wife, Tami, have been down for a few days overseeing the construction start of their log home.
They are as excited as two kids on Christmas Eve, so it was fun to hang with them yesterday evening and today.
... which explains the lateness of this Friday post.


Cathy S. said...

Junior's moving out? Oh, my, your nest will be empty! What will you do with yourself? Oh, wait, don't tell me. I can guess.

We've had good news here this week, too. Youngest son also got a job as a firefighter. Part time which gives him time to go to Paramedic School for which he registered today. I can't believe one book cost $150!

Congrats to Jr. and to you and Mrs. FC.

Ericka said...

enjoy your nest!

and your relish. i sympathize - i JUST finished up the last of the canning from my peach adventure. if i don't murder my tomato plants, i'll try sauce later this year.

threecollie said...

Oh, my that must be a big change to swallow. Hope everyone finds a comfort zone.

Miz S said...

I don't think of it as an empty nest. It's more like a roomier nest.

It's amazing the effect that a dog can have on dog-lovin' people. When I am a dear sweet old lady, I hope someone will visit me with a handsome black lab in tow. It'll perk me the hell up!

Oh, and my condolences on the end of your summer. Mine is the week after yours. *sob*

lisa said...

I used to can jalepeno peppers and I always wore gloves, as my mother taught me! Looks good that relish!

Pablo said...

Junior got a job and apartment? Is this college related?

Let me tell you, the nest doesn't always stay empty. I have a son and daughter-in-law living with me now for the indefinite future.

Ava said...

Your relish looks good. I have never tasted that kind of pepper before.

robin andrea said...

Excellent looking relish you have there. Much fine eating in the future for all that hard work.

Congratulations to Junior. I had the same thoughts as Pablo, is this move college related?

Enjoy these last few days before school starts.

amarkonmywall said...

So much progress to report in such a brief but happy post! All great news. Junior- out the door? Congrats to him on that. Does this mean Bear is the only child left in the nest?

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
That's right, I'm turning his room in to my mancave.
Textbooks! Ack!

Mmmm peaches.
When they are good, they are SOOO good.

I think my comfort zone was when they were all here, all cute and little, and I was an all knowing God-like figure.
Yup ... that was pretty sweet.
They are still cute by the way.

Miz S,
Roomier? Yeah it would be if they would take all of their stuff.
Actually,I'm holding their stuff ransom to ensure many visits.

Woe be un to the ungloved deseeder.

Dude. What is with the disappearing act?
You know your fans miss RRJ.
Yes, all college related!

It's a pretty local variety, although I have been trying to change that with my seeds.
You can buy commercial datil products on line.
Try Datildoit.

Yes, college is 45 miles away and he needs to be closer, plus he needs some real job experience.
Both things came his way about a week ago!

Bear is the only baby at home now.
He is not allowed to go off to college.

Aunty Belle said...

oh dear...the Mrs FC will feel nostalgic soon fer the smell of sweaty athletic shoes...but congrats to JR!!

One post back--why didn't ya kill that arachnid?????

Dani said...

That's right, no leaving for Bear!


Maybe Bear needs a friend to keep him company?

Did you see where we adopted a younger brother of Ollie's? His name is Jiggs and he is a cutie!

Floridacracker said...

They give me the willies, but I'm pretty live and let live OUTSIDE. I do a lot of Arachnidomoving.
... with a long stick.

Bear is MINE! He stays.
I am heading to see Jiggs after this! Great news!

Native Mom said...

What would a sassy St. Augustine native have to do to get a jar of that home made datil relish from one Florida Cracker?