Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My college roomie, ThunderDave and his wifey, Lightnin, are building their dream home a county up from us.
It's going to be a cozy log home surrounded by dense forest on enough acreage to do what you want and not be a bother to anyone else.
They are doing this long distance from some place called Ohio, with frequent trips down to get in the way of the contractors and generally slow the process down.
(Just kidding Lightnin)
They are a wee bit excited.
Last week, I got a text asking me to drop by the sawmill where their logs are being milled and take pictures of the logs, the sawdust, the mill dog, the workers, the workers lunch, etc for their scrapbook.
(Just kidding Dave) ... well sorta.

I love their homesite.
They only cleared enough for the house, a little garden section, and some parking.

To me, that last picture looks like they are building in the Amazon.
I'll share more pics as their jungle retreat shapes up.


tai haku said...

that place looks amazing. some day I want to see your part of florida but I'm scared if I do that I'll end up wanting to build a house there too!

robin andrea said...

What a great spot! Looks like it's going to be a fine adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

I love that palm! The side fronds look like they are waving.

Congrats to Thundar and Lightnin!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? make fun of me when I'm in "Ohio", but will you do that to my face in few weeks when we're down again? Just kidding FC! Seriously, we thought our next trip would coincide with the Cedar Key Seafood festival, you and Mrs, FC up for that?
PS: Thanks for posting the pictures!

The Florida Blogger said...

Amazon also known as North Florida:)

edifice rex said...

wow! that site looks great! that's going to be a real nice home. but all that sand! how do you ever pour a footing!!? lol!

Anonymous said...

That's really very sad. . . every one who comes in to slice out "just enough room for a house" is adding to our problems . . . water, natural habitat destruction, transsection of native animal byways, etc. . . Sigh.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That is a minimal touch ...

Island Rider said...

Welcome to Florida, Thunder and Lightnin. Any friend of FC's is welcome here. Besides, you already earned your stripes when you graduated from a Florida college.

Floridacracker said...

Dude, the way you travel, you'd never be there anyway!

Everywhere these two go is an adventure.

It is a great palm!

That sounds good!

There are parts that feel like it.

The digging is so easy with no rocks!

What's sad is 1/4 acre lots with houses jammed edge to edge, what's sad are beachfront condos,hotels, and apartments built on sensitive lands.
Here are two people who bought large acreage and are only clearing enough for a very modest home. The rest will remain in it's current state. They don't even plan to own a lawnmower ... I can't even say that.
People WILL move to Florida.
If you read this blog, you know I toss in little snarky STAY AWAY comments on a regular basis.

I'll take people with this philosophy over the usual 1/4 care plan any day!
Also, don't feel you have to go anonymous to disagree around here.
It's okay.

It really is. They are to be congratulated.

Cathy S,
...And a FINE university it is!

Thunder Dave said...

FC I just want to echo Lightnin's thanks! A big thanks to all you well wisher's out there too!

To the one negative, have you reduced your carbon footprint lately?

Miz S said...

I'm a little envious of Thunder Dave and Lightnin's dream house in the Floridian jungle.

Also their nicknames. I need a cool nickname.