Thursday, September 09, 2010


The transformation of PFHQ from it's original basic brown to something brighter continues.
A couple of really rainy weeks and the start of school brought things to a screeching halt for quite a while. That, coupled with a general desire to do something, anything rather than paint as summer break waned, has left the house painting job about 90% complete.

If you have ever remodeled or built your own place, you know that the constant danger of doing so is ... you can get used to things not quite finished.
You work,work,work and then something interferes with the schedule. In that pause, "almost done" can take on an air of normality.
The missing piece of trim.
The last little stone in the fireplace that requires a trip to the store.
The uncovered outlet in the corner where you ran short and ... well, no one sees that anyway.

You really mean to get to all these punch list items, ... you really do.
Then something amazing happens.

You stop seeing them.
It's like they have a Klingon (or was it the Romulans?) cloaking device.
Guests see them and think ... "How odd these PureFloridians are."

But you ... you are oblivious.
Until, in a picture of smiling people or a cute dog ... you stare horror struck at the background where the light switch has no cover or the floor trim stops one foot from the opposite wall.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

We gotta fix that!

Whatever you do, don't look down.
(and yes, I know I spilled paint on the shingles ... that's what brown spray paint is for.)

So it was that I once again ascended to tackle some high altitude, not quite done, painting.
One more dormer, a bit of high trim second coating, and then it's touch up to the finish.

I did get out a little though.

I found something in the swamp that I had never seen before.
It's tiny and it was new to me.
Soon come.


The Florida Blogger said...

Klingons and Romulans both had cloaking devices. Before you make any Trekky assumptions, I just watch the show last night where it happened. Only reason I know. Really. You still don't believe me, do you?

Sayre said...

I was going to inform you of the same fact - and I AM a trekkie.

I know what you mean - we haven't had flooring in the hallway for about 6 months. The wallpaper is still half peeled in the upstairs bathroom (2.5 years). The hallway and banister still need to be finished painting and the stairs need to be repaired (all of 6+ months duration).

Life just gets busy sometimes.

Octohawk said...

1. Your house is amazing.

2. I painted my living room. When I went to paint the second coat, I ran out of paint. I kept procrastinating getting more paint and finally just hung my photos up again and pushed the couch back.When the sun shines in just right, you can tell it's not right. Whatever, I call it an "accent wall."

Pablo said...

I love the blue you've chosen.

Miz S said...

There's something in the swamp that you have never seen before? I can hardly wait!

Floridacracker said...

I have been to a Star Trek convention with Gene Roddenberry as speaker.
You don't have to hide.

Life gets REALLY busy.
... but that's life.

Accent walls are all the rage.

About 180 degrees from the previous cedar stain.

Miz S,
(hey you need a cool nickname)
Now don't get too excited. It's tiny and discrete, NOT toothy, venomous,scaley, or bitey.

Deb said...

I love the new color! And I don't know if I'll ever see what "finished" looks like around here. :)

TheFrogBag said...

I wouldn't even know what "finished" looked like! What a beautiful house though!

edifice rex said...

Ugggghhhh, all the possible comments that came to mind about unfinished work just blossomed into a full fledged post I could do on my blog! I feel so bad sometimes for stopping and taking some 'me' time. *sigh*
I've got to finish my house.
Yours looks great though!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I love your swamp boots! When you mentioned dangerous the first thing that I thought of was that crazy ladder you have leaning against the chimney. No way you climbed up that?!?

Caroline said...

We built our house from the ground up, and don't I know about those punchlist items that just become invisible. If every single thing was finished it would mean that "place that doesn't usually freeze" has indeed frozen over!

Dani said...

The house looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you didn't give Pablo a heart attack with that ladder in the picture. We all worry about you and ladders!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Looking good!


PS The house looks nice too. Love the color. Be careful up there!

robin andrea said...

It is looking very good, FC. Glad to see the progress.

roger said...

i see the need for such a looong ladder. i was delighted that our new house is one story. hate being up on a ladder.

aah me. unfinished bits. i seem to recall some hexagram or whatever in the i ching that extolls "completion." i aspire, but often fall a bit short. the other advice from that book which i recall is "perseverance furthers." keep at it brother.

blue looks good on your house. not sure about it on ours.

Floridacracker said...

I thought you could relate to this post! LOL

Thanks! We don't know either!

Yeah, but you are actually building yours. We stand in AWE of you!

The ladder is scary but me propped between the dormer roof and the chimney is not?
The ladder is the easy part.
... and those stream rocks were killing my feet.

I hear ya. It may freeze over before I finish this paint job.

Thanks! I like the color. I grew up in a blue house.

The key with ladders is to not fall off.

Why Patio, I'm blushing like a school girl.

Thanks! I just need to keep progressing!

this ladder has a distinct pucker factor.

SophieMae said...

LOL, my first thought was, you must be pretty fast to set your camera timer, then run up the ladder in time to take your own picture. Picture it, lol! I thought of you today as the Bulls invaded The Swamp. An impressive first quarter on their part... I know this only because I live with someone who gives a hoot. 8-}