Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bearly Missed Him

Mrs. FC would tell you that I am not the kind of person who gets lonely easy.

At this point in the game, my human family is supposed to be hither and yon, working, chasing college degrees, etc. I've had a few years to get used to that since the girls first moved out for college. (Remember that whine?)

I know they are okay and that we will see each other as often as possible. After all, everyone is within a 120 mile radius of PFHQ, so it's easy to get together.

Their close proximity, coupled with my own bit of hermity lone-wolfnicity, makes their absences routine and tolerable.

Contrast that with the temporary absence of Bear this week while he has been on an overnight visit at Junior's apartment.

A few days ago, Junior sent me a text requesting Bear's company on an overnight stay at his apartment, The visit would include a doggy play date at a dog park with a German Shepherd owned by a friend of his.

Of course I said yes, Bear is his dog too, and I know how very much he misses him.

No big deal.

Just a day, a night, and a day.

As it turned out, his absence coincided with Mrs. FC being in St. Augustine to help Mom and Dad, so last night I came home to an empty house.

No barking audible as I parked the JEEP.

No barking and frantic whining as I unlocked the front door.

No Bear dashing to bring me a shoe, his blankie, or toy as I opened the door.

No wiggly hugs and dog kisses in the kitchen as I set my stuff down.

No need to grab the leash and attempt to clip it to a wild prancing Bear.

No dog walk ... I didn't have to rush back outside as soon as I unloaded my stuff.

No dog talk ... I realized last night just how much and how often I speak to him.

No wrestling.

No intermittent walks throughout the evening.

No big sighs to induce guilt when I am working on the computer and not playing with him.

No hunting for shoes.

No food in the dog bowl.
No muzzle on my knee as I eat supper.

No drool-soaked spot on my knee when I get up from eating.

No tug o war with the shark toy.

No paws on my chest and giant dog head and shoulders towering over me at bed time when he stands up and pleads to have some help getting up on our mile high 4 poster bed.

No whining to go out EARLY in the morning today.

S-I-G-H ...(That was mine, not a Bear sigh ... okay, it was a Bear induced sigh, but it was all mine)

So right now, it is 1:30 pm.

We have a "Bear return rendezvous" scheduled for 2 hours from now.

I might just make it until then.


Sayre said...

I know that. I have withdrawal when the cats decide to sleep elsewhere. I talk to my fish. I miss seeing my giant dog trying to jump like a jack russell when it's time for his steroid pill (hidden in a slice of cheese) and the smaller one likes to plant herself between my knees and "guard" me - especially when I scratch her back. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by animal attention - but you sure do miss it when it goes away...

Caroline said...

It is that dog talk, when the hound agrees with anything you say, thinks you are brilliant, is sympathetic to any complaints and is non-judgemental and forgiving.
A furry BFF :o)
My kids always missed the dog brother when they went to college.

kathy a. said...

oh, my daughter is a total cat and dog magnet when she is away from home. she misses ours so. she was in japan just days before she found the first abandoned kitten, and within a few more days, she had identified the rescue lady in akita. when she feels blue and no strays turn up nearby, she goes to the animal shelter to visit and get her fix.

dear FC offspring -- please don't feel slighted. dad has the same feelings about missing you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hang it there ... he'll be home soon!

Okay -- that is weird -- my word verification word is DOGstio. LOL

ImagineMel said...

Probly wouldn't have been a good day to send the cat for an overnight, huh?

Floridacracker said...

Yes, we sure do!

I know Junior misses Bear terribly, because I remember how I missed mine when I left for school.
Nice to have his hugeness back tho!

Kathy A,
LOL! She has a kind heart!
I think my kids know where they stand with me, but may wonder sometimes ... LOL!

That is weird!
He IS home now and on the couch.
Very nice.

Melzy, Melzy,
Now you know it is never a good time for a cat sleepover.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope you miss Mrs. FC as much if not more when she is gone! Just put your buddy on a plane he'll see you guys this afternoon! Wish I could be there too!

robin andrea said...

You may find this hard to believe, but I talk to our kitty cat, too! Here's the very cool part: he talks back, and he sounds like Dick Cheney, but that's a whole other story. I always say that when our kitty cat goes, I don't want another four-legged companion in the house, but who will I talk to when no one else is around? Hope the reunion was grand, FC.

lisa said...

That is why they are called man's best friend! I would miss my friends terrribly if they weren't here for a day! When RJ was in the vet for his staples when he was hit, we all missed him, especially the hubby!

Cathy S. said...

I think you need a second dog for the times when Bear goes visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

So how was the play date with the shepherd?


island timer said...

I don't comment much, but do read your blog an awful lot... and this post is a certifiable FC classic.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh FC, you are so funny and sentimental, aren't you? I know the feeling though. When I lived in Sydney, I would come home and first thing I'd do is go and open the back door and in Bootsy the Kitty would come running, all excited and chatty, telling me about her day. I miss her a lot! Them critters have a way of sneaking into our hearts, don't they?