Saturday, February 05, 2011

Datil Pepper Seed Starting Time

Here I am again. Patiently counting seeds out into tiny packages like some kind of drug dealer.
At least, that's what Mrs. FC says I resemble as I hunch over a bit of wax paper covered in precious datil pepper seeds from last summers crop.

I use a tooth pick to count and scooch the seeds into the tiny envelopes, but I still manage to get a few zillion Scoville units of datil essence on my fingers ... and last night on my eyelids.

That'll wake you up, let me tell ya.

When he did this, my Dad would have planted his a month ago in his greenhouse, but a lot of things got put on hold when Mom injured herself, so here I am, not too late, but later than normal.

Tomorrow I will plant a bunch of these seeds in a seed flat.

If you want some seeds, just send a "let's get FC's kids through college" donation in the form of $5 cash.
No checks please. FC is a pseudonym ... duh, and I really can't sign checks that way.

For your donation, you will receive a note with two datil recipes and at least 20 seeds. I try to count out 20 and then scooch in a couple extra.

They probably won't all sprout, but enough will. One or two bushes can keep you flooded in datils. After all, it doesn't take but two or three to put the ZING in a pot of chowder or pilau.

There is an ad at the top of the page to the left, but just for the sake of saturation ... the seed address is:

POB 205
Otter Creek, FL 32683

Isn't Otter Creek just the prettiest name? There really is an Otter Creek that flows through the tiny settlement of the same name.
It's not one of those#$#%$@# developer created gated community marketing names that have no connection to anything real.
There are even otters in Otter Creek.
I occasionally see them lope across the road on the way to work.

Speaking of hot stuff ...have you ever tried Peri-Peri sauce? The chicken in the picture was browned in olive oil and then simmered in Peri-Peri.

The label says it is a product of Portuguese/African colonialism.
It had nice heat, nothing ferocious, just nice. The taste was vaguely familiar and it was my son who solved the mystery.

"It really reminds me of Taco Bell taco sauce."
He should know, he is a fan of the Bell.

Actually, he's right.


Anonymous said...

We just got our first datil seeds this year. A St. Augustine friend supplied the good. Can't wait to give them a try.

We're growing Bhut Jalokias this year too.

Wishing you luck with your peppers and with ours. Here's to hot eating in about 160 days.

Sharon said...

Look at you with your personalized "Pure Florida" mug!! LOL

The Florida Blogger said...

Used to eat Peri-Peri sauce all the time when I lived in Africa. Very good stuff!

Pablo said...

"Scooch" is such a good word. So is "scritch."

There is a river in central Missouri called L'outre Creek. I understand that's tortured French for "otter creek."

The conservation department has been reintroducing otters to Missouri in recent years. I understand the fishermen complain now that the fishing has diminished as a result, but I don't think any actual studies have been done yet.

Floridacracker said...

Good luck with those! It's a really prolific plant, so get ready.
Mine usually go through to early October down here. It just depends on night time temps.

That was a gift from Emma last Christmas! A picture of her in the Gulf is on the other side.
I love the mug of course.

I agree. I liked it! I just had some yesterday on a wrap.

The fishermen should pipe down. The trout they are catching are probably introduced European Browns anyway.

Otters rock.

Anonymous said...

Otters do rock and are deserving of haiku. This week's haiku theme is right-up-your-alley, btw.

Maybe I'll offer your Datil Peppers as a prize if I can figure out the logistics of that.

Never heard of Peri-Peri sauce.

Doug Taron said...

I'd love to see otters in Otter Creek some time. And I will definitley look into peri-peri sauce.

myamuhnative said...

I love Peri-Peri sauce!
I lucked into a brand called Nando's awhile back at Big Lots and was reduced to stalking the local stores looking for more!
Which level of TB hot sauce does Jr favor?

Miz S said...

Stalking you on Google maps, now. Man, you really are out there in the middle of the country. Nice.

Darla said...

I thought I was the only one that grew Datils from seed. I have very few left over and have three sprouts in the greenhouse, oh how I hope they make it. Do you grow rooster spurs? Hot, my friend. I have plenty of seeds if you are interested. That make excellent pepper vinegar!

Felicia said...

My husband is from South Africa, and says that peri-peri sauce is quite popular there, too--there's actually a big restaurant chain there that specializes in grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce. And I always wondered if there were actual otters in Otter Creek; glad to know that there are!