Monday, April 06, 2009

Unbaited Breath

I set up the Havahart trap near the trash can containment zone last week, but never returned to bait it.
The next morning, I was strolling out with a bag of trash and found I had a captive. I did not want to miss an opportunity for sharing with my pack, so I toted the trap and armadillo up to the house for a meeting with the dogs.

First Flounder and Feather came off the porch to investigate. That was pretty low-key as Flounder is blind and Feather is deaf.
That's sweet Feather in the photo up above.

"Dude ... don't you have any young dogs?"

The 'dillo was not impressed and cast aspersions upon my sweet old pups, so I went back into the house and brought out the BEAR.

I don't know if Bear impressed the armadillo or not. He was still laughing when I released him from the cage, so it was pretty hard to tell.


h said...

Not sure how room there is for memory-storage in a dillo brain. But I think he'll be avoiding PFHQ for a while, at least.

Freste said...

Nice Dillo. She was probably unphased as they're probably used to that by now. Did you name her Phyllis, in case she returns?

Anonymous said...

Phyllis Dillo??? Actually, that is very funny!

Bear Boy is so excited.


cinbad122 said...

crazy bear!

Cathy S. said...

I didn't know Dillos had furry bellies. She looks quite aloof.

threecollie said...

That is a great video

jean said...

Bear was just holding back for the camera. He didn't want to scare your viewers with his awesome killer instincts.

Dr. Know said...

Well, the 'dillo didn't smell like PF table scraps, so what did you expect?

Unknown said...

'possum on the half shell.The other white meat!What any good cracker has fer dinner.

Just had to say that,sorry.....

kathy a. said...

our cora has a good bit of lab in her. this is how she treats the mailman, every single day, barking through the garage door.

cora may not be the smartest mammal on the planet.

Sayre said...

That cute little armadillo was probably thinking that this place is just too noisy. Perhaps she'll stay away now.

Go, Bear!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a 'dillo's underneath before. I somehow thought that they were armored under as well as over.

Good to see Feather and Flower again, too!

R.Powers said...

Just enough memory to store "remember to jump straight up in the air when a car approaches."

No, but I will if I see her again.

Freste is quite the humorous quipper.

Insaniac dog. Glimpsed you today.

Cathy S,
Like an M&M. Hard outside, soft inside.

I hope it supplied a much needed chuckle up there.

He is TOTALLY awesome.

Dr. Know,
Armadillos have a unique stink that is thankfully NOT like our table scraps!

Chris and Jon,
A meat I've managed to avoid!

Kathy A,
Bear is no Einstein either.

Feather and Flounder are doing fine for a pair of really old dogs. Very sweet.

Ericka said...

i'm glad to see feather and flounder are still up and about.

lol. bear's a hoot. i was hoping the 'dillo would jump - is that a myth?

Kittikity said...

Oh, that poor 'dillo was probably so scared.. Cute little 'dillo, yes you are..


Ow! Little bastard!

LauraP said...

Oh Bear, you are soo cute and silly!


Thunder said...

They might look harmless, but we know thy have a dark side! ;-)

Mockingbird said...

Armadillo meat is pretty good if you fry it and cover it in a datil pepper and boubon reduction sauce!

Unknown said...

Good catch!

SophieMae said...

HA, as soon as I saw the word unbaited, I knew. We trapped ours baitlessly. You need a smallish trap for dillers. If they have room to move, they'll tear up your trap.

Good ol' Bear is a hoot and a half! I reckon our Josie would react pretty much the same. Does he beg to chase rabbits?

Rurality said...

Silly puppy! Armadillos are really kinda prehistoric looking, aren't they?

jeb said...

Why do blogspot blogs have NO way of contacting the blogger (or am i dense and missing something?)? Will the owner of this (florida?) blog please contact me at to discuss an important issue...?

R.Powers said...

F and F are still sweetly doing their thing.

I've yet to be attacked by a dillo, but they do have teeth.


Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of dillo?

ANYTHING would taste good with that sauce! :)

And a safe release.

He gets all trembly at the site of rabbits and then hang on to the leash!

They are. We had giant ones here during the last ice age.

Calm down dude. Did you notice the email address up to the right?