Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cedar Key Traffic Jam

Oh my gosh! The traffic!
If it gets any worse, we'll need a traffic light here on the island.

The clam farm boat in the picture was creeping along ahead of me yesterday morning.
They had just pulled into the road and the guy in the boat was stowing a few things away. A moment later, the truck stopped, he hopped down from the boat, and jumped into the truck.

That's a pretty typical clamming boat. The motor is up front ... "bird dog" style. The cut-a-way stern allows the clammers easier access when they are lifting clam bags from the muddy bottom and up onto the boat.


Anonymous said...

I love it! And can't wait for that kind of traffic jam!

Thunder Dave said...

We'll have to provide the contrast photo from one of our current daily commutes for calibration purposes! ;-)

lisa said...

Now I wish I had that kind of jam, NOT.

Pablo said...

I've seen similar traffic jams on rural Missouri roads this time of year, only with combines and other massive farm machines grinding down the road.

Dani said...

Thinking of you...hope your Dad is doing ok. ((hugs))

Caroline said...

I must say, I have gotten behind some weird farm vehicles on my way to school, but a clam farm boat, um, no!