Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Week Past

The final game of the regular Academic Team season pitted my Cedar Key Sharks against daughter Emma's Bronson Eagles.
We played on her turf and split the day with a JV win for her and a Varsity win for me.
I almost had to forfeit when the scheduled bus driver for the 30 mile trip dropped the ball and forgot she had a trip that day.
Lucky for me, another bus driver finished her regular route and zipped back to pick us up for the trip to Bronson.

It was a fun match playing against kids I had coached for years and against my baby girl.
Maybe a bit surreal too!

One corner of my messy "teacher table" in my classroom.
That's Zick in the aquarium. She is growing beautifully and loves to bask under a herp light that sits atop her cage.
I am predicting a shed very soon as it has been awhile and she is obviously getting bigger.

The Macro-Herp I hinted at yesterday was supposed to be a 5 foot corn snake, which would have been blogworthy, but instead it turned out to be a nice 5 foot grey rat snake. Now there must be about a million grey rat snake posts here on PF, so I didn't rush to get a photo of this snake.
It's just visiting the class and belongs to one of the 5th graders who Zick entertained in a classroom visit back about a month ago.

Yesterday, I intercepted my first "passed note" since coming to Cedar Key.
Now, I see and hear EVERYTHING in my classroom ... but I don't SEE and HEAR everything in my classroom.
Okay, class, who knows what that means?

ANSWER: You pick your battles.
A traveling note between kids who are on task and getting the job done is generally not SEEN by me.

A traveling note that has taken priority over the work to be done is definitely SEEN ... and removed from the system.

I have a file going back decades with great notes, some sad, some hilarious, some shocking.

This one was "noteworthy" only due to the Mayberryesque topic that was being discussed.

"Hey, I don't know if I can go with you to the cane grinding this weekend..."

A 21st century school note between two sweethearts about a date at the cane grinding.
 I love this place.

I'll end with this note, stuck to a locker just outside my classroom.

Who said letter writing is a lost art?


threecollie said...

FC, you made me grin from ear to ear. Not a mean feat. Love your herps and your sports, but especially love those notes. There is so much heart in so many kids and I am glad to see that you see it...and hear it. lol

Sayre said...

Emma must have risen to the challenge - at least she knew what she was up against!!!

Love, love, love the note-passing. How quaint and charming!

Pictures requested when Zick finally sheds!

Dani said...

It's winter and FC has a beard!!

Caroline said...

Love the notes, some in text speak so you have to translate. Love the personal questions they sometimes will ask. I had one ask me they other day why I don't wear eye make-up. Obviously an important science question. I told her when I take my bifocals off I can't see what I am doing and I'd have mascara in my eyebrows and probably look like a raccoon. They thought I was hilarious, I was serious. Love those larval humans.

What a nice picture of the teachers in your family!

robin andrea said...

I love that you have a file of saved notes. And that picture of you and Emma, too sweet for words!

Deb said...

Love the pic of you and Emma. And those notes are sweet.

Anonymous said...

I remember well all the note passing that went on in high school. And I also know the teachers had to have seen it more often than not, and had to have let it slide more often than not. Great father/daughter photo.

kathy a. said...

also love the photo of you and the opposing coach!

your little rescue snake seems to be doing fine.

we're all waiting for the book of confiscated notes! (and glad the ones we wrote back in the day didn't get caught.)

nobody has actual chalkboards anymore, but i remember that one super-secret way of passing notes in about 6th grade was to tuck the note into a chalkboard eraser -- it was several pieces of thick felt, with grooves in between -- and slide it up the little shelf under teh chalkboard. from this perspective, i'm pretty sure my teachers exercised just as much intentional blindness as you do. ;)

Floridacracker said...

Hey y'all,
Thanks for the comments!
I was pretty slow responding ... sorry about that. I do think we need a post of just notes from my collection.