Monday, November 21, 2011

Whole Lotta Moltin' Goin' On

The giant Malaysian prawn did it first.
Last week the kids walked in to an "empty" shrimp directly beside the "full' shrimp you see above.

"Wow! He shed!"
" He molted." (not me, another kid)
"Same thing."

"EEuuuuuu! He's eating it!"

Next, the mangrove seeds started. This is the seed of the black mangrove. They sprout on the tree, the better to get growing as soon as they drop to the mud, before an ebbing tide carries them beyond land.

And then, today, Zick (who was being very secretive) began showing signs that she too is in a moltin' mood.

Her eyes have clouded over with the thin film of condensation that occurs when her skin begins to loosen.
Essentially, her windows have fogged up.
That means it won't be long before she molts into her new duds.

I predict tonight is the night.

She was peeking out of her cave and taking a long drink a few minutes ago.
I believe she was contemplating a little swim after I turn the lights out and go home.

A girl needs moisture to soften her skin.

It comes off so much easier that way.


lisa said...

I wish I could do some shedding of skin, into less wrinkled :) Zick looks so bright in that picture!

Sayre said...

I'm with Lisa... I could use a good shedding myself! Looking forward to seeing Miss Zick in her new duds.

Banjo52 said...

Nature sure can be odd complicated. Hard to imagine all these processes evolving--some similarities, so many differences. I keep reminding myself it didn't happen overnight. (English major speaking . . .)

Floridacracker said...

Wrinkles and other sun damage. I hear ya. Zick will be even brighter post molt!

I'm sure she will model for me when she's done.

It is pretty amazing. So many angles and pathways for all of these amazing adaptations.
Zick isn't telling.

Miz S said...

Transformation! Oh how I wish I could molt.

Hope all is well.

cuz tina said...

too much insight into snakey stuff. Yuck!

robin andrea said...

Cool cloudy bluish eyes. I think (and I should probably look this up before I write something totally ridiculous) we probably shed much of our skin on a regular basis. Okay, I just googled it. Oh my, we shed up to 8 pounds of skin a year. And we wondered where all the dust comes from in our house!

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
I guess the flip side is you generally get bigger after each molt.
All is okay.

Cuz Tina,
Creeping you out, huh?

I almost mentioned that we do this contiuously instead of all at once.
8 pounds! I may have extra turkey and mashed potatoes this week knowing that 8 lbs of me will be blowing in the wind.

Dani said...

She's gonna look mighty fine with her new skin.

Floridacracker said...

She will positively glow.