Saturday, December 10, 2011

Progressive Dinners: What In The World?

When you are the new guy on a school staff, the first year is a learning experience as you go through the seasons of the school, experiencing the traditional events particular to that site.
At my school, a Christmas "Progressive Dinner" is tradition.
The concept was a new one for me.

4 courses, 4 staff homes.
In this sparsely populated, geographically large county (bigger than Rhode Island), the distance between homes can be extreme.
I live less than 5 miles from my principal, which made me, the new clueless guy, an obvious choice for one of the stops.

So at the faculty meeting a month or so ago, when the progressive dinner was first announced, I was volunteered.

I accepted of course, heck, the wife is a professional caterer when she is not being a professional nurse.
This would be a breeze.

When I got home and announced that we were a stop in the progressive dinner, I got the news that the dinner date was also the date of the biggest party of the year for the Southern Sisters Caterers.
Translation: You will be hosting solo, Mr.


So today I will be tackling the list below instead of tromping around in the grey, damp, wintery wilds of Pure Florida.
There is a giant Key Lime Cake in the fridge though and my desert stop team of 4 other faculty members will be bringing their contributions later.

So, I feel good about this.

Even though the list awaits.

Guess which item on the list is the most fun.

So, now it's time for me to start tackling the list.

But, before I go, here's a little progressive dinner for you starring Zick, the official snake of Pure Florida.

She's growing nicely, so yesterday she progressed from frozen pinky mice to frozen fuzzies.

If you are not a frozen mouse in your freezer person, you may not know that fuzzies are the next size up in mousey snake food.
They are about twice the size of pinkies, but I felt it was time.

I was a little worried at first ... had I miscalculated Zick's readiness?


It took her longer than usual to get it down, but she did just fine.

Afterwards, she was a complete log potato.

Is she smiling?

Okay, I'm off to be a white tornado.

(Google it,  you babies, the grownups remember...)


Sayre said...

I'm a white tornado myself today. People from church coming for dinner tomorrow and I realized my house smells quite doggy. Dragging out the carpet cleaner!

threecollie said...

Cleaning are we? That key lime pie sounds amazing!

tai haku said...

I made my own list of comments:
A) It's probably fair to say my activity level today was closer to Zick's than FC's (ie food & sofa);
B) Are those stink lines off "Wash Bear"?
C) Every time I see your snake photos I get a little bit closer to being a frozen rodents in the freezer person myself.....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Easy Peasy. Your own Professional Caterer has you straightened out with that list. Poor Bear having to have a Holiday Bath. Zick does have a big grin. Happy Holidays....

Caroline said...

If the menu is known, I bet people would just like to skip to dessert stop, never mind the hot dishes :o)

Except for chairs and tables outside, I should just print out your list and get to work here!

Ericka said...

the neighborhood association did a progressive dinner every year in north carolina. it was fun.

and their houses were all so beautiful that i determined that NONE of them were ever setting foot inside MY house. then one of them confessed that all of the decorations and most of the furniture in his house came from our neighbor 'cause he didn't have anything. i felt a bit better then.

you'll do fine. have fun!!

R.Powers said...

I survived and it was fun, I have to admit, Bear even made an appearance after the dessert munching was over and he made many new pals. Yes, those were stink lines over Bear on the list Tai, but Katie cleaned him up ore party.

Island Rider said...

I am glad you have fun. Can't believe you have never done a progressive dinner before. Can understand there in the wilderness, but in St. Aug, they didn't have them? All our family lives here so we do a progressive dinner before Christmas and open gifts at each home. It is a nice way to stretch out the evening and no one has to do it all. We have some stinky dog stories to tell as well. The new little brat, Summer, has a knack for finding gross stuff to get into.

Aunty Belle said...

Ya survived? Heh...all ya needed to do wuz put snakey on the front porch an' the guests would be history--

ah, but that key Lime Cake? Mmmmnnn.

Suzanne said...

My mother talked about progressive dinners during the depression and they were also popular in the 60's, but I've never been to one. I had to laugh at a couple of items on your note though, check for holes in their path and wash the dog. Very thoughtful! And the key lime cake sounds absolutely delish - I've never heard of it. What an innocent I am! I usually don't comment, but I love your blog and visit whenever you have a new post.

Dani said...

Feel free to come and clean my house. ;)

Thunder said...

Sounds like fun!
I've seen them feed rabbits to pythons before, the scale looks pretty close to Zick and her dinner.

SwampAngel65 said...

Zick is beautiful! Before long, she'll be up to eating frozen hoppers. You should decorate her tank to add to the Christmas festivities. Oh, and send the white tornado south...I have a lot of tidying up to do and need all the help I can get.