Friday, December 02, 2011

The Schoolyard Osprey

This morning, I took my chemistry class out on a scavenger hunt for pure substances, heterogeneous mixtures, homogeneous mixtures, and solutions.
It seemed like a good way to have them process some of the week's key ideas and take advantage of a beautiful wintery day in Florida.

When we popped out the stairwell door and into the elementary school playground, one of the resident ospreys was waiting for us.

Well, hello Ms. Sara N. Dippity!
You know me, I usually have my camera with me, wherever I am.

So, as the students scattered out in teams seeking mixtures of all kinds, I walked over to the osprey's perch and grabbed a few portraits.

He was pretty magnificent against the bluemonguous sky.

He may need to work on his posture though. It was cold and breezy, so he was probably just conserving some of that bodacious bird body heat.

I wonder how many mullet have been field-stripped by that curved black blade?


Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

It was a beautiful day! Warm in the sun with a nice breeze. The St. John's was stunning. I tell ya, I love living here.

The Osprey has a far-a-way look in his eye!

Have a good weekend!


robin andrea said...

Quite a beautiful bird to have hanging around the school yard. You are so lucky!

Julie Zickefoose said...

He is beee-yoo-ti-ful. Did you know the osprey's talon is round in cross-section (the better to release a fish?)
Most raptor talons have a distinct flat inner edge. Also, blow your photo up and take a look at those nostrils. They're valved to shut water out when the bird hits the H20.

threecollie said...

Simply amazingly awesome!

cinbad122 said...

me = jealous! damn too far drive!

lisa said...

Just beautiful! You lucky guy you!!!

Floridacracker said...

Were you out on the river?
I love these winter skies and low humidity.

I was feeling kinda lucky a that moment!

Whoa! That makes perfect sense to me. I hate that water up the nose feeling. I need that.

Three Collie,
Awesome bird. Awesome Rachel Carson. Awesome to have them back.

So, move out here, Miss Math.

And you should have seen the marsh sunset on the drive home!

Anonymous said...

Wow-he is a magnificent creature. Great photos. Thx for sharing.

Caroline said...

Hey, we're into heterogeneous and homogeneous and all that good stuff at the moment too. What we lack in ospreys we make up for in house finches, somehow it ain't the same.
No scavenger hunting here at the moment, most is covered with snow, which would be a compound, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

No, I wasn't. I wish!!

I cross my little bridge, the bridge to Fleming Island and the one into Orange Park a lot. I love looking at the boats and the water. Some mornings the fog is so thick on the water, I like watching the storms too.

If you and Captain Denny ever bring his boat this way, I'll hop aboard!!