Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GoPro Underwater Fishing Video

I love my little GoPro video camera. It's tough and so versatile. The underwater video on this post was shot with the GoPro and the surface video of the pufferfish was shot with my 6 year old Sony Cybershot point and shoot.

The GoPro shoots HD video. The Sony, being older, does not.
One issue with the GoPro is a slightly soft focus underwater. It's a problem with the waterproof housing's domed lens cover rather than the camera itself.  A flat lens on the housing solves the  soft focus problem, but GoPro has not come out with one yet.  There are some folks out there making flat lens housings, but I don't have one , so I am apologizing in advance for the slight soft focus on the submarine video.

When a fish was coming up, I would park my rod and hang over the side, dangling the GoPro in my hand ... mostly beneath the surface.  The seas were calm, but that far out, there is a constant set of gentle swells. Occasionally, they lifted my hand clear of the surface.

The top video is a blend of about 4 or 5 short clips that day. At the very beginning, you hear Denny and I chortling unsympathetically over a boater out on the horizon who has run aground on the shallow flats. You can't really tell from the grey morning video scenes, but the tide was incredibly low Saturday.

This puffer was an accidental catch. He was picking at Denny's bait down below and the hook snagged his very tough side skin. He puffed up full of water, not air, and held it in the entire time he was posing for the pictures and the dehooking process.

I kept expecting to be sprayed with a stream of Gulf water while I was holding him for this head on photo, but this fish had great manners.
It's a Southern Puffer.
Nuff said.

It was Denny's catch, so after I held the puffer close for photos, I passed him back to Denny for release into the blue waters of the Gulf.

He didn't hang around long!


threecollie said...

That is just the coolest thing! If I ever, ever, get back to Florida, I am going to save my pennies so we can go fishing like that.
And I have been looking into circle hooks to use up here, as we catch and release almost everything too. Appears that they do make them small enough for our little fresh water catches. Thanks for the trip and the tip.

Dani said...

You are just the coolest FC!

Anonymous said...

well done on all fronts...water is crystal clear...

say hello

dallas via BHS

Julie Zickefoose said...

That pufferfish makes me smile. And there's something eerily silent about the first video, getting as it did just the sound of the water in the mic, like the sound it makes in your ear when you first go under...I confess that being a bit of a hydrophobe it creeped me out.

Lynn said...

OMG it's Mrs. Puff!!!

Miz S said...

Nice video! Hey. You'll never guess where I am. Fort Lauderdale! I know, I know. It's not your kind of Florida. But still. Heading over to Shark Valley shortly.

Aunty Belle said...

Hmmmn--is it the same as a blowfish?

FC, I feels extry stoopid--never knowed we had puffer in our Floridy waters.

Very cool video.

Floridacracker said...

Circle hooks are a wonderful improvement over J hooks!
Like you, I can't get enough of the fishy clan.

Not hardly, but thanks! Pretty cool here today though...brrr.

Hey thanks! Maybe we can squeeze in that kayaking sometime when you are not busy winning NBA championships.

OMG, I creeped out the Science Chimp!
You would have loved it out there. Just a spectacular day all round.

Somebody's a Sponge Bob fan ... just like me.

Miz S,
Enjoy those wonderful Everglades. Can't wait to hear about this.

I think they prefer Puffer...
We have a whole melange of puffer types here in Flo.
Hope Uncle is well.

islandwonder said...

Very cool! I just go a Go Pro and this is incentive to learn to use it.

Floridacracker said...

You are going to love it.