Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coup Droit ... A Fencing Post

Our ten acre square is roughly 665ish feet on each side. Two of those 4 sides have decent fencing, nothing fancy, just some cattle fence.
The south side fence I installed even before we moved on to the property.
The west side was installed professionally by a previous owner back there. The newer owner may think it is my fence since they make no effort to repair a pulled staple, etc. I will let them think that.

The north and east sides (east is front here) are both in sad shape with huge gaps in the rusting wire fencing and decaying, untreated split rail type cedar posts.

You can see some of them hanging in the shot above.
The big pressure treated 6x6 in the foreground was put in by us decades ago.
It held an aluminum farm gate until a hurricane turned it into modern art.

So, these are before pictures.
This is a journal of what we do, after all, and ... I forget stuff sometimes, so I need these to see where I came from after I am through getting to wherever it is I am going with this fence.

Last weekend, Mrs. FC and I pulled old posts, cut and bundled old rusty fence wire, slashed and dug smilax, grapevine, farkleberry, yaupon holly, oaks, and other offenders who had the misfortune to grow directly in the path of the "NEW" fence to come.

I have some GOPRO video of my wrestling some bottom buried, rusty fence out of the brush, and if I can upload it here at the house, I will update later this weekend.

There's a lot of grunting and heavy breathing  in it.

Above, you see the reason for fencing our property ... at least the most immediate one.
You may have noticed that every BEAR post has a leash in it.
That''s because SOMEBODY is as hardheaded as a yearling bull and almost as big and strong.
And he is waaaaay faster.

A deer, a neighbor's trespassing DEMON cat, an armadillo, a skunk ape,  ... the wind,  ... you name it and Bear has chased it.
The problem with that is with large wooded acreage all around, he could get caught up in the chase and be far away and out of sight in seconds.

At least if our 4 sides are fenced, we can catch up with the knuckle head and he can run free more often, which is a beautiful thing to behold.

Secondary reasons for the fencing project include the usual property demarcation, beautification up front (wood fence there!), and who knows, I may actually get a pair of cracker cows some day. 

I always think about the folks who put up a fence when I tear one down. This one has to have been here a very long time.
Split cedar rails just aren't used for fencing down here anymore, and these were here when we bought PFHQ back in 1986.
The fence was rusty and sad-looking then, although it was intact enough to contain some woods cows that were grazing here the day we first saw, and fell in love with this piece of Pure Florida.

Like the cows, I imagine the fence maker is gone now.

I am the new one, and someday, someone will wonder about me.


Joey B said...

When my dad bought our farm in Osteen, it was 250 acres of disused citrus grove and lakefront. In order to bring our cows there from our other farm, we had to fence the whole thing in... including as far out into the lake as we could dig a posthole. It was my job as a 5-6 year old to carry the can of staples and hand them one by one to my dad.

I never want to put up another fence.

threecollie said...

It is a truly lucky dog..or bear...that has a fenced property to enjoy

Aunty Belle said...

Bear love---too dear to contemplate.

I luv that Mrs FC luvs PF too--now thas' a happy state of thangs.

I'se envious--would like to be back up that-a-way on a hidden hunk of heaven to take care of--youse a good soul to luv yore land so.

Pablo said...

I like posts about fences, fence installation, and fence repair. I especially like that open area you have inside your fence. I wish mine were that way!

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

In that photo Bear looks like a bear!


Robert Sobczak said...

I see fences like that all the time in the Big Cypress Swamp ... from the old cow wrangling days. Sometimes I run into them, too.

Thunder said...

Hey man, thanks again for this past Saturday! Also, don't forget that if you ever need an extra pair of hands..... JS'n!

Also, can I borrow those bolt cutters sometime? ;-)

Sarasota Properties said...

I have some brushed / wooded areas around me that I need to fence in down here in Sarasota. Maybe I should try to tackle a little bit this weekend.

Adelwolf Smith said...

Wood fences always occupied a special place in ancient, existing and modern architecture. They are never going to be out of fashion and prove to be useful when it comes to making partitions or to make fences or planks for keeping things.