Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bear Explains FC's Absence

Hi All, Bear here, just thought I would catch you up ...

I know why FC hasn't posted much lately ...

He's been busy planting things like these baby datil peppers.
He gets excited when the first true leaves appear.
There were grapes, blueberries, pineapples, and a lemon tree to plant too.

He had to stop and smell the lemon flowers along the way and this got in the way of posting.
Oh, and he took me for long walks, and over to St. Augustine to see my Grandma.

The weather was a bummer for awhile with wild storms, grey skies, and not much chance at photography.

Bear wrestling took up some time too. Sometimes when he would sit down to post on PF, I would rest my chin on his knee and look up at him with my soulful labrador eyes.

That worked every time, so I repeated the behavior ... repeatedly.

We labs didn't get to be the number one dog in the country by being stupid.

Lately, he's found some time saving devices  ...

He kept muttering, "AMAZING TIMES, WE LIVE IN AMAZING TIMES" when he was using this thing.

It was kind of amazing ... considering.

He was again, too busy to write this post, too many irons in the fire this time of year, but he did ask me to let you know that he was simply busy, and not goofing off, lying around eating "bon bons".

Bon bons?

I suppose FC meant bones, right?


threecollie said...

Thank you for the update kind Sir Bear

Thunder said...

Bear - Tell FC that I planted some ginger the other day. I know, pretty whimpy considering it grows wild, well everywhere except our property, but that's all I've got for now! ;-)

Thunder said...

Oh, I forgot to ask, How did those pancakes turn out (I know he gave you a bite)? Pretty freaky, pancakes in a whipped cream can, who would have ever thought!

robin andrea said...

You really are the quintessential faithful companion, aren't you? What a pal. I know you don't really know me, Bear, but would you mind writing a few blog posts over at the Bums sometime? You could make up anything you want! (I know we have a cat, but really, he doesn't know the meaning of companion!)

Miz S said...

Bear, I was getting a little worried about your Dad. Glad everything's okay. (Every thing IS okay, right?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bear--good to hear from you. Glad you have FC under your wings-and vice-versa!

Floridacracker said...

Everything is fine,just a little behind. Its good to have a dog who can type.

Anonymous said...

You need to read "The Art of Racing in the Rain"--Bear isn't the only dog who journals!