Thursday, May 10, 2012


Posts have been skeletal at best this week.
My apologies.

The short story is, ... the end of the school year whirlwind struck this week.
The long story is two field trips, the arrival of 2400 post larval giant prawn babies, teacher appreciation week (Mrs. FC made lunch and desert for the entire school staff), and tomorrow is "PENPAL DAY" for the 2nd grade.

No, I don't teach 2nd grade, but traditionally our 2nd graders have penpals with a nearby town's 2nd graders, and they all get together out here on the island at the end of the year. This way, the penpals get to meet in real life.

Part of that tradition is a tour through our Marine Science (Aquaculture) lab where older kids share marine science knowledge with the younger kids. The older kids also take the little ones netting on a nearby beach.

It's all great, but it's all new to me.

So, as the new guy, I have been working in the lab, with the kids, and outside the school day to capture critters, set up extra tanks and touch tanks, and basically live up to expectations ... mine and the community's.

Show time is tomorrow morning.

Can I get a "Break a leg!"?

Here is another "long" story ...

Bear took me off the beaten path to this snake skeleton last week. I was fussed at him for dragging me through thickety-bramblinicity.

Suddenly he stopped and looked down.

And there it was.

This is a large snake ... was ... a large snake.
I offer my hand as a size reference.

The rib size, and the length make me worry that it might be one of my indigos.

I haven't gone back to retrieve it yet, but I think I will, as it held together in one piece when I lifted it gently.

If I do, I will pay more attention to the skull and see if I can tell.

It seems odd to find such an unmolested carcass and I wonder at the cause of death.

When the last 2nd grader wanders out of the lab tomorrow and the weekend creeps in, I will have time to look back through the week's photos, ponder them a little, and get some posts up.

Until then, I have to keep running.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Break a leg. It would seem that this skeleton would be a great teaching tool. It is a beauty.

Caroline said...

Indeed, "Break a leg" is the appropriate sentiment, your day with the 2nd graders sounds like theater at its best to me.

jean said...

Break a leg! Is 2nd grade the universal penpal stage? I remember my son doing the same here in NJ.

threecollie said...

Break that leg, friend. Your school sounds like a wonderful place all around, which somehow doesn't surprise me even a little bit.

Wendy said...

Break a leg! :) Very interesting about the snake skeleton. Looking forward to the posts to come.

robin andrea said...

That's a beautiful skeleton. Quite a find. BREAK A LEG!!

lisa said...

That is pretty neat to see! I remember doing penpals in school. Brought back memories that is for sure!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! It went great. Very rewarding for both the big kids and the second graders