Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Perfect Storm of Seafood

I'm still here, but caught in the rip current of a perfect storm of preparing for the Cedar Key Seafood Festival this weekend (our big fundraiser for school) and the end of a 9 week grading period and all the extra work that involves.

ALMOST every night I come home and make gallons of St. Augustine Minorcan style clam chowder for the seafood festival. Selling clam chowder helps to fund our science department ... my teacher budget for the entire science department is $75 this year, so you can see how a fund raiser like this festival is do or die for us.

Come out and have a great time!
The weather should be almost festival perfect this weekend ...
... and my chowder always is.

All this chowder cooking and paper grading has interfered with my posting of course, but we are still taking time out to eat well.

Those are wild caught Mayport shrimp, cajun seasoned, skewered, and ready for the broiler.

They were awesome.

Nature posts to come, but in the meantime, take a drive to Cedar Key this weekend and eat some marine animals!

See you there!


threecollie said...

Would that I could drive there and buy that! Looks wonderful!

edifice rex said...

Is this festival going to be on Sunday too? and what are the hours? where exactly in Cedar Key? I guess you can't miss it? lol!

Floridacracker said...

I sure wish you could make it!

The festival runs Saturday and Sunday. If it's really busy, food sometimes runs out in the afternoon so be forewarned. There are usually lots of artsy craftsy stuff too.
Cedar Key is due west of Gainesville. Just get on State Road 24 and drive west to the Gulf.
That is Cedar Key.
I forgot you were still honeymoonin' in FL. Hope you make it!

robin andrea said...

Sounds like you have another "survivor" contest this weekend. Hope it all goes well. Wish we could stop by for some chowdah!

Wally Jones said...

Salt air, sun, seafood. Sounds like a formula for a good time! We'll be there! - Wally

roger said...

sounds like yummy food.

how'd that mud run go?

cinbad122 said...

I had a feeling that was the reason I hadn't been seeing you. :)

MyamuhNative said...

Hey FC!
We'll be there!
Save some chowder for us on Sunday.
Any chance you can tell us where your booth will be located so we can find you?

Pablo said...

Did you stencil those stars behind the stove? Do you have other work like that around the house?

Yeah, and how did that mud run go? I have TWO 5Ks coming up next weekend and then a third on the weekend after. No mud though.

Jerry said...

I have tasted the St. Augustine Minorcan clam chowder at the Cedar Key Seafood Festival today. I must say, you make a deliciously mean chowder. Highly recommended!
Give my best to your whacky kids and The Queen.


Floridacracker said...

Hey y'all,

The Cedar Key Seafood Festival went great! Thanks to all bought clam chowder! Our science department fund is now solvent again due to lots of clam chowder lovers!
If you were one of them, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Besides healthy chowder sales, I got to meet some Bloggers in real life!
Myamuhnative and her sister showed up in the morning and later, Edifice Rex and her husband Jack dropped in too!


In other news, Survivor Mud Run video is almost ready for prime time.
Stay tuned.

Floridacracker said...

Those are removeable decals Mrs. FC found.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Looks like you lured two bloggers out with that fabulous Minorcan chowder. Would that I could have been among them. Do you buy all that seafood to raise money for your science department? I don't think $75 would do it...just wondering.