Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gecko In The Bath Tub

One of the porch geckos, a very, very tiny one, slipped and fell in the tub recently. Even the awesome geckogravitydefyinggripper toes could not get him out of this predicament, so I lent a hand.
Granted it was a not much of a grippy wall climbing sort of hand like the gecko has, ...

... but, the opposable thumb thing did come in hand for pinning down the little guy.

After a quick photo shoot, I carried "Tubby" back out to the porch to join the other half dozen porch geckos that come out each night to slurp bugs and then dash for cover when the porch light is turned on.

These are Mediterranean geckos, and no, they are not native, but they don't seem invasive either. My native anoles are day hunters, so these two species work different shifts, thus reducing the competition for prey.

I brought a few of these home as tiny babies years ago (yes, there are old posts about them here on PF). Not only have they survived one of the coldest winters on record (09-10), but they have reproduced.

Tubby and an even tinier youngster are proof of that.

Tubby returns to the porch in the manner of Fay Wray.


threecollie said...

Did he talk kind of funny and want to sell you car insurance? Seriously, how incredibly cute!

Barbie~ said...

I <3 tubby. I've seen your porch geckos before, but this one steals my heart. My son is always after me for a new pet and a gecko seems the least offensive to our household. Also the least likely to escape the confinements and be eaten by cat or chicken. LOL.

Dina J said...

I was thinking "Hey that guy's way cuter than the million lizards in my yard." He'd make a nice pet.

Sayre said...

I love geckos. They hang out at work and eat ants. Occasionally they'll come in the building. I had a woman who worked for me find one in her office. A little tiny one! She was screaming and stamping her feet and poor baby gecko was terrified of Giganta. I rescued him and put him in my own office to much on ants to his heart's content. There are very few ants in our building now and I credit the geckos with keeping them down.

robin andrea said...

That is one cute gecko! Nice rescue. I'm sure he appreciated it, even if he didn't say "thanks" before he ran off.

Bill said...

It's interesting how they sort of tame down after you've held them for a few minutes. I've never figured out if it's shock, or if the 98.6 sort of peaces them out.

Used to have a Tokay named Alice B. who lived in a wall behind a sliding interior door. I liberated her from a panicky old lady's garage when I was a cop. No roaches with Alice on patrol, but she barked, and that was a bit off-putting to guests. I think seeing the inch and a half long green-spotted lizard head sticking out from the gap above the door startled them a bit, as well.


Alas, we had to have the house tented, and were unable to coax her into captivity.

Floridacracker said...

CRAZY cute! Like a lizard puppy.

I've never kept one in captivity, but I think they would be a neat nocturnal pet.

It must be the big eyes. Off the reptile cute chart.

I'm a fan of lizard pest control, whether it's anoles working in the garden or geckos on the porch.

I'm just thrilled it was a gecko and not a spider.

Too funny. You know, these geckos bark too. I had no idea until one night recently, I heard a funny noise and caught one of the bigger ones in the act of vocalizing.

Ted said...

I live on the NE section of Bayou Chico in Pensacola and we have a cadre of the Med. geckos on patrol here. I have a photo of seven in less than a square foot area, taken from the inside of a window. We leave a small light on outside the window to keep the buffet set for the little critters.

Floridacracker said...

Neat! I'm a UWF graduate so I'm happy to hear that the Pensacola Geckos are being treated well!

Becca@Grout Cleaning Melbourne said...

That's a rare one... try to find another one to be his partner then let see if it will produce it's kind. Great finds!