Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thankful For Green Lizards With Blue Eye-Shadow

Last Sunday morning, I woke up and took a shower.
Nothing too weird about that, but as the shower progressed, the water pressure began dropping, dropping, trickling, dripping, done.

Oh lovely.
When you get your water from your own well, everything pivots around a pump that works every second of every day ... and mine wasn't.

I was hoping that it was just another case of ants in the pressure switch ... you see, they clamber up into the switch and get between two contacts, thus breaking the circuit.

I can fix that pretty easily.

So off I went with a screw driver and some bug spray.
I fiddled and diddled with the pressure switch, but there were no visible ants to clear out and the pump was still not pumping.

I called some of the well fixers who advertised 24 hour emergency service, but no one returned my calls until the evening and then they only gave advice.

"It's probably your capacitor."

And then they proceeded to tell me how to fix it in the dark,cramped, confines of my pumphouse... at night.

I had to get this thing fixed, because I was due to head out of town for two days of Common Bore training in St. Augustine on Tuesday.

It wouldn't be good to leave Mrs. FC with no water for two days while I stayed in a motel.
Nope, not good at all.

So I called our school secretary (who also lives in the sticks and is empathetic to well pump issues) and told her I needed a sub for Monday, since I would be waiting for a pump repair person to show.

I was feeling kind of grouchy at that point, when Mrs. FC mentioned that the lawnmower had a problem. She couldn't start it and the pull rope would not recoil.


The well guy did show up in the afternoon Monday and fixed the pump.
It was the capacitor.

As soon as he left, I left for the training in St. Augustine.

Two days later, as I was passing through Gainesville on my way home to PFHQ, I get a text from Mrs. FC, "Have we angered the appliance gods? Now the dryer won't come on."

Arrrggghhhh x 1000!

She was at work and couldn't check the model number. Since I was not far from the one appliance place in Gainesville that has real experts who understand appliances rather than just SELLING appliances, I decided to give it a shot.

I pulled into Martins Appliances and armed with minimal info, described the situation. The Martins guy asked a series of questions to narrow down my model, gave me a packet of fuses and told me how to install them, and sent me on my way.

He was awesome in his patience and knowledge.

When I got home, I saw this as I walked towards the front door.

I DID not kick it into the upper branches of the giant live oak that shades our front porch.

Instead, I fixed the dryer, took a hot shower, and ignored the limp pull rope on the mower.

Then I took a walk in the too tall grass and looked around me.

I needed to quit whining and recharge my outlook.

I'm thankful for native swamp sunflowers bigger than my house.

And I'm thankful for the friends they attract.

I'm really thankful for datil pepper plants that don't know when to quit and keep blooming into the fall.

Blue curls make me giddy with thankfulness.
I'm even thankful for the tiny flies that rest on their petals.

I'm grateful for green lizards who wear blue eye-shadow too.

My level of ARRRGGGHHHHXASPERATION has dropped considerably since last Sunday.

I just needed to take stock.

Life is good.


Caroline said...

We's working on Common Bore Standards,too. Ain't it fun.

We don't have green lizards with blue eye-shadow, but did have lawnmower, water heater, kid car issues earlier this month. :o)

robin andrea said...

When the appliance gods want your attention, they go for it in a big way. Glad to hear it all worked out, and the "Be Thankful" sign didn't wind up in the upper branches of your oak. Although, that would have made an interesting pic and post as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for great, interesting, fun to read and informative bloggers! (Oh yeah, ditto robin andrea!!)

Deb said...

Thank, I need to be reminded of this every so often!

Deb said...

Uhh, I mean "thanks"

Bill said...

I always suspected that teachers had a training process to become common bores, but I never expected to hear them admit it.

Good one today. Nice pics.

digitalzen said...

I mean, they're all good, but this one was...oh, the heck with it.

BTW, the capcha reads "suckfen," and I'm taking it personally.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

Blue shadow under the eye is all the fad this year. You have some stylish lizards out your way!

Passed Theo's several times last weekend and thought of the folks. I finally made it over to listen to the music at San Sebastian's. Was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

Hope the appliance gods move on from your house. Just don't send them to my part of the state!


Pablo said...

I wouldn't think you'd want to be a common bore. It seems like you have the capacity to be a truly outstanding bore.

roger said...

it is good that you know how to fix things. i'll bet you get that lawnmower going again. i have had thoughts about the age of our well pump while showering. not good thoughts. i asked our well tech about replacing it. he said wait till it fails.

lisa said...

That last shot of the lizard is amazing! We have to well pumps and the one is just about on its last legs!

Island Rider said...

Yes, a grateful heart is good medicine.

miz s said...

Aw, FC, you're one of the good guys. I'm thankful for PureFlorida!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks y'all. I'm still here ... just waiting on my next big break. (wackawacka)

Dani said...

Ditto Miz S!

Wally Jones said...

Yep, it's easy to get exasperated with what life dishes out. Thank you for reminding us how easy it is to just look around and find a whole lot to be thankful for.

- Wally

Julie Zickefoose said...

Living in the house called Gratitude--I live there too. Beautiful post, FC. Just beautiful.

Native Mom said...

My air conditioner went out and my kitchen sink broke in the same week. I'm hoping bad luck doesn't come in "threes"