Monday, December 10, 2012


I could not wait for last Saturday to finally get here.
It was the day of the Mud Crusade obstacle course race and for once, I was not running solo.
This time we were a team.

Here's Katy, Junior, and I waiting to sign our lives away at registration.
You had to initial about a thousand lawyer generated statements that precluded any chance of filing a "I hurt myself" lawsuit.

Initial, initial, initial ...

Emma did not seem too concerned about all of this legal stuff.

Two cousins.
Rick and I grew up next door to each other and we're still playing  together.

Emma and Katy got an early start at intimidating other racers.

... as did Jayce, the youngest member of our team.

The two excheerleaders got the prerace stretching going ...

Katy's boyfriend Rob gave his Mom one last hug before the Crusade began.

I followed suit with my girls.

There was a wide variety of pre-race stretching techniques.
I borrowed mine from P90X.
Rob's were more artistic.

Junior got a farewell wish from his awesome girlfriend Alexis.

Here we are, a few minutes before our 11:30 am wave took off.
We look so clean and fresh at this point.

... that would soon change.

Stay tuned for part two and my longest YouTube video ever.


Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

Good looking team you've got there~


Pablo said...

A family team! Where's Mrs. FC though?

Anonymous said...

What a fine-lookin' bunch! Looking forward to the rest!

roger said...

go team.

Floridacracker said...

They clean up good!

She has a tweaky Achilles tendon that sidelines her, but she did take a lot of these photos!

Thanks! I have more on the way.

we did.
and we have the muddy clothes to prove it.