Wednesday, March 27, 2013



Emma is 24 today!

She has packed so much awesomeness into that almost quarter century ... how can my baby girl be 24?

Seems like yesterday that I was trapped in a 42 foot single wide mobile home with 15 month old Katie, a chocolate Lab named Ranger, and the most colicky baby ever placed on the planet.

It was the summer of 1989 and after doing the REAL heavy lifting for 9 months and a 16 hour  labor/delivery marathon, her Mom went back to work to keep us afloat while I took the baby/toddler/dog care shift in the trailer.

The dog, Katie, and I tiptoed around the house whenever Emma would finally stop screaming and fall asleep.

This happened about twice a day for 15 minutes as I recall.
15 minutes seems a little long for the naps ... my memory may be a little off on this ... the mind sometimes erases memories of extreme stress ... a survival reflex I believe.

Anyway ... the thing is ... Emma apparently just had to get her orneriness out right at the beginning, because after that summer, she turned into the most incredible human being.

She's a super science teacher (I hear about her awesome teaching all the time from my colleagues), a cheerleading coach, a USF BULLS fan,a Labrador lover, a great mudrun team member, and as sweet a daughter as anyone could ever want.

In the collage above, she's in her natural element snorkeling for scallops in the Gulf of Florida, but she is also just as comfortable, all cleaned up, and charming the room.

Happy birthday precious girl.

Your family loves you more than you can know.

PS: uh, hey Em, sorry about Katy horning in on your birthday pictures. I tried to crop her out, but you know how she is ;)


Dani said...

Happy 24th Birthday!

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to your very beautiful Emma!

Sayre said...

Gosh... it feels like I've been watching your kids grow up! Happy birthday, Emma!

lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! I am so glad that I didn't have to contend with colic. You gotta be glad those days are over ;)

crybrug said...

At least you had the "fun" all in one child. I had the colicky baby first and the second was a no sleeper.

It is a great wonderment watching children grow. Hope your daughter has a great birthday!

Dina J said...

She takes after her mother right?!?
You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Happy, happy birthday to Emma. You guys sure did right!!


Anonymous said...

Wishing lovely Emma with the beautiful smile a wonderful birthday.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks everybody!

miz s said...

Aw. I love that glimpse of the early days. I don't know your Emma in person, but I know she's got a smile to die for. Happy belated birthday wishes to her, and to you and Mrs FC. You got some fine kids.