Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A First Person View and REview of the BADASS BASH Mud Run

Last Saturday I ran solo in the BadAss Bash mud run. The run was held at a mud bogging venue called, "The Redneck Yacht Club". The RYC sits out in former glades, now farmland east of Port Charlotte. As mudbogging sites go, this one seemed "upscale" ... relatively speaking.

Any obstacle/mud run is a mix of paid staff and volunteers and I can honestly say that every contact I had with a BASH worker was pleasant and positive. Race day check in registration was smooth and easy if you paid attention to weeks of emails telling you to bring your ID and two signed, "I realize I may die" waivers.

This one was really far from home, but waaaaay back when I registered, I was supposed to be attending a family reunion near Tampa later that day, so I had to go half way to Punta Gorda anyway ... 

So, I registered, but in the "tween" time, the reunion got rescheduled to December!

I'm tight though, and the nonrefundable entry fee was not going to be wasted ... no sir, no way, no how.

So I crashed Friday night at daughter Katie's apartment near Tampa, and then left before six  the next morning for a 2 hour ride south.

I ran in the very first wave at 9:00 am.

So how was it?

Well, it was 4.8 miles of water, mud, and a good mix of obstacles ... some tough, some easy, some dirty, and some just fun ... like the airsoft target practice.

The race course was divided into themes, law enforcement, fire fighter, military, and general BAss.

I was a team of one on this race, and of all the races I've done, this one was one where you really needed a team. Not only does a friend or two make the whole experience more fun, but the vertical plywood walls on this sucker were all tall with no cheat boards anywhere (except for one).
Having a team meant taking turns giving each other a "leg up" for those tall walls.

Asking for help is not my strong suit, but I relented on a couple of these walls after first offering and giving "leg ups" to strangers.
I did leap one that had a little bit of berm, but these suckers were hard!

The rope climb offered bare rope, rope with little pieces of wood instead of knots, and a rope ladder.  Running up to it, I thought I would take the bare rope, but when a very fit 20 something male said, "That rope is so hard, it's all wet and slippery", ... I decided discretion was the best part of valor and took the rope with little wooden chunks in it.

It was a still a good challenge and I like that the BA Bash folks set up this obstacle with choices for the runners.
I would definitely do the BA Bash again ... if it were closer.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ?

My "medal" ... I won't be wearing this one to school.
Cresting the rope wall climb.

My T-shirt ... I won't be wearing this one to school either!

I enjoyed the BA Bash even if I did not win the nice 1980 CJ-5 JEEP that their sponsor was raffling off for ten dollars a chance.

Dang it.

A girl won it.

How sweet is that?

A free JEEP just in time for summer.


cinbad122 said...

That was pretty Bad Ass! LOL I love the new hobby.

Floridacracker said...

I could see you doing one of these!

Mark P said...

I'm envious. My knees prevent anything like this. OK, maybe my age, too.

On a completely different note, I found where a Go-Pro was used to record something even more bad-ass. Take a look here:

They videoed a test of a gas generator (the "small" rocket motor used to power the fuel/oxidizer pumps) for an old Saturn F-1 rocket engine. The video is on Page 3.

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