Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barking Frogs And A Born Again Pond

The sun is shining for the moment, I'm home, and my Hughesnet (way too weather affected) High (LOL!)Speed Internet is actually working through the thin high clouds above PFHQ ... so I get to post something!
Well, maybe ... we'll see at the end of this tale... when I click on publish ...
I am finally through with school related trainings until the end of summer forced unemployment.
(Don't call it "summer vacation" to a teacher... we are not kids ... it's a 2+month unpaid furlough)
So, yes, I chased every paid "training op" I could find.
Collectively, with weekends home in between, I have spent about 14 days living in motels in Orlando and I am so glad to be back here at PFHQ where the Bahia grass and the pond are high.
It's been a rainy summer ... which gives me joy and angst.
Angst at the roof which needs a redo and joy at the abundance of water standing all around the county and especially in my pond ... which is actually a pond again.
Two nights ago, in the light pitter-patter after the last tropical deluge of the day, my pond lit up with the sounds of Barking Tree Frogs.
So, I left the dogs behind, grabbed head lamp and camera, and headed down slope through the dripping forest.
The pond shoreline was lined with barkers, calling loudly in that barky way that they do.
The Barking Tree Frog is a good looking frog and pretty stout as tree frogs go. The frogs in these photos are puffed up a bit due to the serious business of calling in your honey for a bit of amplexissysexxisiousness.


Caught in mid-call.
There were couples in the water who had already made a commitment, but most of the males were still cruising for a date along the shoreline.

The pond amazes me, as do the creatures that frequent it.
Frogs seem to schedule the pond for their private events.
I know that seems odd, and it's only anecdotal, but I have noticed that some nights are only for Spadefoot Toads with few others, another night is Green Tree Frog night, and Friday night this week was definitely "Barking Tree Frog Night".

Occasionally it's "Open Swim Night" with a mixed cacophony of frog calls, but these monoculture nights are interesting.

This photo is an uncropped version of the second photo in this post. I used my Galaxy S4 phone for these shots with illumination provided by my headlamp.

I'm pleased with the quality (13mp) and even though I often have my "real" camera with me ... I am loving having a quality camera in my pocket wherever I go.

Now if I could just get the Blogger App to actually work and upload a mobile post ... that would be the icing on the cake. So far, every mobile posting attempt has failed.

More pond stuff to come, including some Bear chasing Coquina stuff that is wet and wild.

Right now ... I have a kayak to clean and load ... 'cause the sun is actually visible here in the "Sunshine State"!


threecollie said...

What fascinating frogs! For some reason, despite the monsoon-like rains we have had, we have seen very few frogs this summer.

Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Ray - loved hearing about the frogs. You should have taken a video with your camera phone so we could hear them! As far as the Blogger App, I found it really lacking. I realized it is made for quick little photo posts and not complex posting. I tried to use that app on my ipad mini and was so disappointed in it's limited options. I heard about the Blogsy app, and although you have to pay for it, it works really nice. And they have lots of instructional videos on their site to make it easy to understand how to use it. Take a look at it.

R.Powers said...

Three Collie,
Ya want some? Not sure if my Florida "life is easy for an amphib" frogs would know what to do with your wintery winters!

Thank you so much for that comment. Your comment is EXACTLY why I included that little Blogger App lament (whine) at the end. I knew someone out there would have a good suggestion.
Gotta love internettyness.
Thanks again!

robin andrea said...

Such interesting looking frogs. They have a distinctly purplish tinge. I love it! Glad to hear that your ponds are filling up. It's been surprising how much rain has fallen in the southeast this summer. Here in the Sierra foothills we're having one heatwave after another. No rain at all. It is relentlessly hot and the earth is parched. Sure would be nice if there were a pleasant balance.

lisa said...

My favorite, barking frogs :)

R.Powers said...

Ahhh, that elusive thing, "balance". I hope you get some rain soon. Seems like western forest fires are far fiercer than they used to be and certainly more costly in ways far beyond money.

One of mine too! I confess my very favorites are the big bull and pig frogs. The pond has been dry so long that the big boys haven't really found it yet.

Sayre said...

Our above-ground swimming pool was not opened this summer. We're planning to take it down as it's become a very expensive lawn ornament. The frogs, however, have been making full use of it since the humans aren't. We get a full chorus almost every night. I recorded some of it with my camera and posted it on FB and people were amazed. We can hear it with the doors and windows closed!