Monday, August 22, 2022

Tilapia Babies 2022

I tossed some flake fish food to my adult Tilapia yesterday as I walked around my various fish ponds and tanks. 
Nothing unusual about that.
The Tilapia share a 300-gallon livestock water tank with numerous Gambusia (Mosquito Fish).

As the food hit the water something new happened...

The water surface broke into zillions of interacting small rings, which at first I thought were the Mosquito Fish, but the feeding was way too frantic and energized. 

The tank is black plastic, which makes it challenging to see into the depths, so I submerged a white bucket to provide a better background for sleuthing these unknown ripple makers.

I was thrilled to see they were Tilapia fingerlings. I think I missed them prior to this because they were... A) tiny fry
 and B) invisible in the thick planting of the aquatic plant, "Anacharis".

I made this short video to share them with you. There is a bonus Pileated Woodpecker song at the end.


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