Thursday, October 27, 2022

Moving A 10 Year Old "Flexible PVC" Garden Irrigation System

Now that I'm retired from teaching 5-6 DIFFERENT science subjects every day, I have time to rejuvenate and redo the garden. 

Changes are happening and this video covers one major change along with the side effects. 

Years ago, I turned a 16' x 16' FFA hog pen into my Datil Pepper nursery and grow-out area. By adding some higher fencing, I had a deer-safe spot to start and grow my Datils.

Fast forward to my installing DeerBusters deer fence around a much larger garden area (that includes the old hog pen area too), and now the old irrigation system needs to be repurposed.

So, I dug up the old flexible PVC pipe with sprinklers attached and wrapped it around my raised beds.
To do this, I had to trench around the beds to lay the pipe underground.

Unfortunately, this meant I had to remove the paver stone walkway that I had installed not too long ago along one side of the 25-foot-long raised beds.

Also, after the trenching, pipe install, and backfilling was done, I needed to tamp down and relevel the walkway path, BEFORE reinstalling the pavers.

It was a classic example of one thing leading to another, but in the end, it all worked out.
Now with one turn of a faucet, I can drench my raised beds.

As I write this, I am doing just that. I'll be planting turnips and other fall-winter crops in those beds today after everything is nice and moist.

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