Friday, February 03, 2023

Making An Outdoor Terrapin Habitat for Spike and Hermine !

This is the first of at least 2, and probably 3 short videos about my outdoor turtle habitat construction project. 

I have 2 Diamondback Terrapins (legal in Florida) that I have owned since they were only a little larger than a quarter.

Hermine is a few years older than Spike and both were found in the street by students of mine, who of course, brought them to me.

They have now grown too large for their current abodes, hence the "Project".

I will be adding predator protection, backfilling the pit seen in the video, landscaping, and aquascaping to include an island or two so they can exit the water and soak up some rays. Basking is important for their shell's health.

There will also be filtration, hoses, a pump or two, and if all goes as planned... Solar Power.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next installment.

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