Sunday, June 26, 2005

Along the Waccasassa there are reminders of what the original forest was like before the cypress and other timber was harvested. Today's trees have a long way to go. Posted by Hello


bernice said...

Wow, that's real beautiful territory there! I've never been to Florida. I've imagined the swamps there. Are those officially called swamps? I've also imagined crocodiles and alligators, though I don't even know the difference. That's really terrific though, boating on such beautiful surroundings. Must be a great life.


Floridacracker said...

Hi Bernice,
We do have alligators and crocodiles, but the crocs only live in extreme south Florida. Alligators on the other hand are very common. You have to be aware of them and use caution when you are in their habitat.
You are right about beautiful surroundings. Happily, most of the scenery in today's post is park land and will be forever wild. Thank you for visiting and commenting.