Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hello again, Hello...

A few posts back you experienced my Picasa-Hello angst as Hello turned on me and quit working. I got great advice from fellow bloggers and now have Photobucket as backup, but I have to take a moment and do right by Picasa-Hello.

Patrick from Picasa Support sent a link to a neat Hello cleanup program that fixed my problem instantly. So cheers Patrick! You da'man!
I'm stoked 'cause I really like using Hello.
Now I must go work on my remodeling ....


Neilgn said...


I'm having the same problem with Hello. So what is the program you used to fix it. Send me a note if possible. I wanted to send pictures but can't.


Neilgn said...

Thank you. I did a google search on hello cleanup and found the problem. It worked. I'm so glad to have it working again.