Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Our Coolest American Snake? I Think So.

The Indigo Snake may be our coolest snake. Oh sure, there are beautiful pattern snakes like the diamondback, corn snake, coral, and scarlet king, but for all 'round "cool" factor, I vote for the indigo.

We are lucky to have Indigos on our property...mainly because we are lucky to have gopher tortoises. The indigo is one of those co-habitors of the gopher burrow.

So why is the indigo so "cool"?

First, there are few things sleeker than a freshly molted indigo with it's blue-black crow coloration and it's slender, yet not skinny body.

Second, they are the most nonaggressive of snakes. They just don't bite in my experience. Legal Note: Indigo's are a federally protected species and you are not allowed to mess with 'em. The indigos on my property are also protected by me...occasionally, I have had reason to rescue them from bad situations and I may have, could have, possibly handled them.

Third, they prey on other snakes, even our large powerfully toxic diamondback rattlesnakes. I don't hate rattlers, but you have to respect a snake that can "outsnake" a rattlesnake.

They are the "nice guys" of the snake world...and the coolest North American snake.
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swamp4me said...

Officially jealous now, we're too far north for Indigos. I have never seen an Indigo "in person."

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I have never heard of this wonderful creature. How beautiful. I have a lovely step-daughter named Indigo, and I think she would love her namesake (or as DPR just said, "her namesnake").
I think the bloggers in the southeast have the very best critters. I've got a serious case of critter-envy! LOL.

pablo said...

You're just itching for a competition, aren't you Cracker? And with RD saying the SE bloggers have the "very best critters," you must feel smug. Someday, someone will take you down! Beware!

thingfish23 said...


I live for the day - positively live for it - that I can see one of these guys in nature. They really are totally cool. and as you said, they carry off their clout with a certain panache....

Hick said...

Beautiful. I do not like snakes, but I like the fact that these beauties will tackle rattlesnakes. We have Kingsnakes out here that do the dirty job.

Floridacracker said...

They really are spectacular snakes.Sorry they don't range up your least you have gators.

What a lovely name for your daughter. I think having lots of critters is our reward for enduring the constant heat and humidity of the southeast.

(smugly smiling) Why, whatever do you mean? I'm sure MO has, well, you have cool rocks!

They like high ground. Definitely not a wetland snake. I'd check out any scrubby, sandhill type parks in the area. It'll happen.

You just called a snake beautiful! I knew you had it in you.