Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey! Hay!

A Florida hay field. No, it's not mine...I wish. I love our subtropical hay fields with scattered sabal palms.
I took this photo on a drive with Katie as she learned how to drive a manual transmission beloved jeep. More on that after my hands quit shaking.... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Cognitive dissonance! Palm trees and hay bales in the same photo.


(blogger hates me again)

Thunder Dave said...

Back where I come from we call that a pasture. A field would have corn, beans, or wheat planted in it, but then we don't have the palm trees either. In fact just west of where I grew up people will pay just to see a picture of a tree!

tim said...

Back where I come from we call that a pasture.

I was about to post that!!!

roger said...

nice picture. the palms are a bit surreal in a pasture or a field. looks like you steadied your hands enough for camera work. we found that large empty parking lots are great for driving practice.

Floridacracker said...

What's unusual about that? :)

ThunderD and Tim.
I thought I could slip field PASTure careful checking for agricultural correctness...

Down here, a pasture has cows,goats,horses, or emus on it.

Got out and leaned against a fence post!

Laura said...

If you take highway 70 east from I-27 near Sebring and head toward Okechobee you'll see miles of pasture just like this one. It's very pretty, in some areas.

Had a good laugh about your hands shaking. Been there, done that. I wish I could say it gets better!

Thanks for the scorpion picts and info. I didn't know we had a non poisonous variety here in Fla!

Deb said...

One more voice in the heated Field vs. Pasture debate: There are lots of hay fields in my area. There are also lots of cow pastures, and even one bison pasture. But none of them have palm trees.

swamp4me said...

I'm with you, FC, in the field vs. pasture thing. If the hay is going to be rolled and sold, it's a field. If domesticated critters are out there grazing, it's a pasture. Must be one of those southern things :)

swamp4me said...

And I can hear them all gearing up again...okay, perhaps I should have said "baled," as "rolled" has an entirely different connotation when one is discussing hay ;)

Floridacracker said...

Swamp and Deb,
I was blissfully unaware that anyone cared WHAT you call a's see...piece of earth covered with forbs and grasses.
I learn something new everyday.

Floridacracker said...

Oh Hay! I just got the rolled thing...LOL!

...slow today:)

Thunder Dave said...

FC et al,
Ok, you've forced me to pull out the nerdy trump card on you. According to the dictionary:

1a. Grass or other vegetation eaten as food for by grazing anaimals.
1b. Ground on which such vegetation grows, especially that which is set aside for use by domestic grazing animals.
2. The feeding or grazing of animals.

1a. A broad, level, open expanse of land.
1b. A meadow: A field of lilacs.
1c. A cultivated expanse of land especially one devoted to a particular crop: A field of corn.
1d. A protion of land or a geologic formation containing a specific natural resource.
1e. A wide, unbroken expanse, as of ice.
2. A Battle ground.
3. A background area, as on a flag.
4. Sports: An area in which an athletic event takes place.

So if we look at Pasture definition 1b, and Field definition 1c (calling hay a cultivated crop), it appears that both sides of the debate are correct. Swamp is on to something, it must be a regional preference as to which term is commonly used!

Thunder Dave said...

I forgot to add, it's Oktoberfest this weekend so I won't be able to get the blogspot up and going, but hopefully next week I'll be able to get to it! Who knows there might be some pictures of me in lederhosen sipping my favorite beverage! Ein prosit der gemutlichtkeit!

Floridacracker said...

That was's a bunch of grass growing in the dirt! Look Thunder...I don't know about the lederhose thing, it's been a long time since college, you sure you want to go there!?
Just kidding :) Have a great time at the drunken...I mean Octoberfest. Are you competing with a home brew?

Thunder Dave said...

Nah, just enjoying the food, beer, and music. Cincy has a large German American community so it's a pretty big deal here. I'll write about it on my blog, which by the way has it's first posting. Check it out!

pablo said...

See, the problem with Thunder Dave's first post is that he has his comments section set up such that only Blogger members can comment. That leaves us independents unable to leave our blather. And I had such good blather to leave, too!

Thunder Dave said...

Sorry, I'll see what I can do to correct the issue! Please keep in mind that I'm new at this game so I'm learning as I go.

Floridacracker said...

You have to excuse ThunderDave, he's originally from that Kansas/Missouri part of the country and .....oops :)

(He's my long lost college roommate and a good guy)

rick said...

We have a large grass area on our hunting lease in Sylvania Ga. We call it a FIELD!

Floridacracker said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. The hunt club lease tracts around here are all being cut up into smaller acreage for sale.

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. "Hay makes the bull fat; the bull makes the cow fat, & the cow makes the butter-fat", so we need hay and lots of it, so we can put butter on our morning toast !!! (Hehe)

Floridacracker said...

Kia Ora back buddy! Welcome to PureFlorida!