Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Drive To Twig Forest

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I mentioned in an earlier post that my brother, wife, and I have invested in a 20 acre triangle of previously planted pines. I have barely walked this new property due to my schedule and my poor brother probably wonders what I have gotten him in to, since he's seen it less and lives 2 hours away. (By the way, he finally updated his blog, Minorcanculture)

This is a view of more of the "pretty" fence along the road to Twig Forest. This post and the pics that follow are just some of the view along the way to TF. It's a short ride from my home 10 acres to the TF...about 3.5 miles.

This area is loaded with deer and turkey and they are a constant challenge to driving in the morning and evening. My girls have hit 3 of them, totaling a taurus, a neon, and expensively damaging a cutlass, ...but I digress.

The ride to Twig Forest is the first part of my daily commute so I can see stopping in for a quick visit on the way home once in a while. It's a beautiful ride this time of year with lots of yellow wildflowers like tickseed and swamp sunflower still blooming along with muhly grass and lobelia.

In the wetter areas, the maples, cypress, and sweetgums are beginning to change color...fall must be on the way :)


Zanne said...

I am so looking forward to your updates on the twig forest and your first walkabout on the land.

Hopefully your area of Florida is not subject to a nasty thing called imminent domain. It's rearing it's ugly head around here, property owners in town forced to sell and relocate for the big developers.

Pretty fences aren't the first sign of what's coming around here - it's the tripods of the surveyors, perched on the sides of the roads. Next comes the ugly, ugly Silt Master fencing, a kind of black plastic fabric running fence which is supposed to keep topsoil from washing off and silting up the culverts. It's ugly I'll have to try and get some pictures today.

You wonder if people understand the concept that rural and wilderness areas cannnot be reinvented.

kevin said...

Not to change the subject, but I bet Mrs. FC is pretty happy today. We went to the game; we had fun to say the least.

pablo said...

My son totalled a car by hitting a ram . . . a Dodge Ram.

Keep these Twig Forest posts coming. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to find in the blogosphere and compose in my own blog. THANX!

Floridacracker said...

True true...we have the black plastic also. It protects the rich topsoil that they will soon pave over for another mini-storage warehouse site.
Regarding the end of your comment...I wonder if they understand where food comes from.

She is ecstatic of course! She watched it this morning on SUN and will probably stay up late to watch it again, all the while yelling commands and coaching tips at the TV.

I hear and I obey! How was the art gallery?

Darlene said...

Boy, Zanne, you said it all: You wonder if people understand the concept that rural and wilderness areas cannnot be reinvented.

Developers are encroaching more and more on the few pristine natural areas we have left, answering the demands of the uninformed people who WANT them to, not realizing that if this keeps up, every bit of earth on this planet will end up being covered by cement.

What a beautiful drive to work it would be, following this route. But the hectic, fast-paced world has even gotten to me--and every morning I rush to work. Guess the deer and I both wouldn't last long here.

pablo said...

FC - the art museum was not as nice as it might have been had I not been so grossly overcaffienated by drinking far too much tea in the a.m. I was tense and irritable the whole time, so the good wife lead us home where I could detox. Better now.

Thunder Dave said...

My,my you have been busy lately!

I promise that if/when we ever do get down there we won't put up a "Pretty Fence". Like you I am a fan of nature and would intend to leave most of my property undisturbed, clearing only what is necessary to fit a home and small garden.

The normal practice up in these parts is to "bulldoze" everything down to a level clearing and then put a house there. It is an ugly blemish on the land, a house in the middle of nowhere, no trees, no bushes near it. I just don't understand that mentality.

Hick said...

Uber-husband has hit about 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 deer...I lost count. I hit one last spring. Boy howdy I hate that. I felt so bad about the poor thing even though I always threaten to kill them when they are eating my roses and everything else in sight.

Floridacracker said...

Hey it's a great fence, I just didn't want it signaling the dissection of that woodland.

Did you butcher it?

You seem like the most mellow of fellows. I have a hard time imagining the Pablo tense and irritable...