Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I Got Ya Covered


One last shot of Jr.'s room. The wall not shown in the collage below. I posted quite a while ago about leaving little notes, drawings, etc behind the scenes when I remodel...for the future folks.

On this wall, I put my blogroll before covering it with knotty pine. Like it or not, y'all are a part of my homestead. Posted by Picasa


roger said...

i love knotty pine! there are such interesting and sometimes bizarre images and faces in the knots. i tripped on those knots, as a youngster, long before i tripped, as a nominal adult. we are honored to be in your time capsule notation.

BT (back track) i recall now something from high school about aspirin in coke. never tried it. i think it was about getting drunk or ripped in some dimension. might be good with peanuts.

Floridacracker said...

I too have seen those knotty pine faces in the wood. Give me lots of wood grain and knots...none of that boring clear wood.

I never heard of the coke aspirin combo...I think I'll stick with good ol' peanuts and coke.
Did you try it yet?

pablo said...

I'm really touched and honored to be added to your time capsule in this way.


Thunder Dave said...

It's always good to be immortal. Thanks for giving us that opportunity!

Rurality said...

What a concept! You are too funny.

Hoping to prop up my vanity, I looked for the book you mentioned to me. But they told me it wouldn't be out until February! Are you sure you didn't just dream the whole thing?!

Hick said...

You are too funny. My parent's house had an open ceiling concept with pine and rafters showing throughout the house. I remember laying in my bed at night and staring at all the faces that the knots made. I love that! Thanks for the memories and the memorial.

Floridacracker said...

Too all,
I look forward to what you all have to say and show each day. It was an easy decision to include you in my family's "hidden notes to the future".

There's a witch face in the bathroom cabinet knot that gives me the willies.

Wide a wake I'm afraid. I looked in BooksAMillion tonight, but they did not have it.

ThunderD and Pablo,
Now you really are wallflowers.