Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thursdays Vanished Puzzler And A Powerful Winter Storm One County Away

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This photo was the Thursday puzzler that vanished in a stream of electrons as soon as I clicked publish.

The puzzler has two parts, A) Whose burrow is this? B) What are those little balls?

Not as tough as the black drum teeth puzzler.

A strong winter storm is coming and is one county above us as I check out my Weatherbug radar. After this storm moves through, we are forecast to have our coldest temps of the season...mid 20's. Our county is also under coastal flood and wind advisories. The strongest winds from the West/ Northwest will coincide with a high tide, so seas will be running higher than normal.

Before this storm gets here, I need to bring more firewood up on the porch and secure a few things around the place.

I'll post the answer to the puzzler later this evening.


Wayne said...

Lessee, complete guess. Crayfish. (Crawdad, whatever.) He transports the dirt after balling it in his "mouth".

(I don't actually know, just a hypothesis.)

Mid 20s! You'll freeze!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Good luck weathering the storm and the cold temps.

I have no idea who would burrow like that (we only have mole and shrew burrowings here). Somehow those little balls are made by introducing water or moisture. I think Wayne is on the right track.

The MacBean Gene said...

Looks like Fiddler Crab to me. I always figured the little balls were the snd he rolled up from inside. Or it could be the elusive Midget Gopher Turtle.

The MacBean Gene said...

That should be "sand". The temp for you is about the same as here, but we have snow.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yep, that there is a crab hole, all right. And the little black balls are sturgeon eggs, where somebody spilled his caviar.

vicki said...

I vote with Hoss. I think.

Big weather! Lucky you! I love big weather, high tides, blustery winds- and all the cuddling up you can do inside until it blows over. So long as it's not TOO big weather. Good luck.

Oh, pant,pant. Finished both the soil profile (cheated) and some more one my watershed, which is turning into a book. yawn.

Rurality said...

I'm guessing some sort of crab too. (How original!)

roger said...

well, i tried to leave a comment about a dung beetle, but blogger saved me by eating my comment. it must be out there with the original post. so i'll go with crab. yeah, that's it. but the bbs might be crab dung. can i use a lifeline?

kevin said...

Fiddler crab.

Wayne said...

Hey, no fair. I'd've gone with fiddler, or maybe ghost crab, if I'd thought it was a saltwater coastline!

So, maybe the balls are dung!

-lryit- what you catch fiddler crabs with.

Floridacracker said...

Well, I posted the answer above, but to respond to you personally...

Now, I'm down here in Pure Florida and you didn't think of the beach or saltwater? Still, your freshwater answer is great because crawfish do make burrows and chimneys of mud driblets.

I agree that when in doubt, go with what Wayne said.

You got it, you expatriated Floridian.


Crab is good. Caviar...not quite right.

Hoss did pretty good. This storm turned out to be very mild. Lots of clouds, some light rains, chilly air.

That's pretty good. See the answer for confirmation. Good that the dung beetle answer got trashed.

Well, I KNEW you'd get it.