Thursday, April 13, 2006

How Are You Spending Your Full Moon?

No picture...wouldn't you know it, a zillion critter pics, but no moon shots. Well, there was that photo from the New Years Eve party, but I was thinking more of our celestial, no, not the lady across the street...sheesh!

There's a full moon tonight...according to you who post that little moon phase thingie on your sites. You know what that means of course...Spring Tides.

Spring Tides have nothing, nada, zip, zilch to do with the season. They are our strongest tides of the month due to a sun, moon, earth positioning that works to accent that global wave known as the tides.

If I were Wayne, I would create a computer graphic that would clearly demonstrate the positioning of these 3 heavenly bodies. You can get the general idea if you draw 3 circles (sun, earth, moon) in a row with a line running straight through the center of each. That arrangement will give us a spring tide.

On a spring tide, the pull of these heavenly bodies works to create extra high, high tides and you guessed it, extra low, low tides.

Out at Cedar Key, there's a long, long sandbar called the Sandspit. It's only fully exposed on a low spring tide. If you click on my Cedar Key Tides link over to the right, you'll notice that at 9:04 tonight, there's a tide that's lower than normal.
There's things that come out at night on a mudflat that can't be seen during the day.

I hope to be there.

If it happens, you'll know.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Be there! And bring yer camera!

threecollie said...

Yes, yes, the ignorant land lubbers among us need to know!

Leslie said...

The full moon in April is also called the Pink Moon.

In case you don't go back and visit other blogs' old posts to see bloggers' responses to comments you've left, FC, you should know that you are a TWERP!!!

I told you on my blog but thought I should also point it out here. Now ALL your friends know.

Leslie said...

Oh yeah - definitely do the mud flat thing. That could be so cool! We could visit vicariously.

Anonymous said...

May I echo Pablo, bring your camera.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Would mean great razor clamming out here in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

This morning, at 4am, I was outside and remarked to Glenn, working at the computer - "The Moon!".

I haven't done a tide picture; this is the best I could come up with:

And this was the second best (actually, my favorite):

Isn't it interesting how some of us actually notice these things? It makes me feel comfort. Leslie has it right! The Pink moon!

R.Powers said...

I'm trying to get there and yes, if I do, the camera rides along.

Arranging schedules, kids at soccer, one at blackeyed peas concert...hmmm, must be some bluegrass band with a name like that. Wifey expecting supper...arghh.

Pink moon? Is this like that New moon thing, 'cause I've NEVER seen that one.
I googled Twerp...I'm either silly or a pregnant fish according to Wikipedia...not really sure which...

I echo my answer to Pablo :)

You rascal. Your razor clams must get a lot bigger than our skinny things.

You're outside at 4am while Glenn is computing? Did ya spring your clocks to far ahead?

robin andrea said...

We love taking minus-tide walks. They're the best, always so much to see, and dpr gets his favorite clams. I hope you make it out there with the camera. It'll be great to see the mudflats at night.

Karen Schmautz said...

Do I dare mention that the Full Moon brings out all the crazies? Not that I had you in mind...perish the thought.

Just thought I would mention it. Okay...I'm going now.

I would like to see the photos, though.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

What kind of things come out when the tide is lower than normal? Are they scarey looking monsters?

On a full moon night we could always expect to see shooting, stabbing & murder victims in the ER.

Of course we have to counter-balance that with the new babies.

R.Powers said...

10:58 pm. Back from the sandspit. Mud's been showered off and I no longer smell like low tide.

Damned if the rising moon wasn't pink...I'm not kidding.

I'll post this tale after I get the photos developed at WallyWorld tomorrow morning.

I still use 35mm film.
Stop it!...I can hear your digital snickering.

doubleknot said...

Just waiting for the rest of the tale. No snickering here (he, he) I take turns with 35mm and digital.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful moon last night. Had to drive from north Florida to Miami last night for a family emergency. The beauty of the moon entertained us for quite a while.

R.Powers said...

The best of both worlds.

Whew! That's a long ride. I hope the emergency turned out okay.