Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Surly With A Fringe On Top


(apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein)

This fluffy, flowerer is fringe tree, Chionanthus virginicus. For most of the year, it's an unremarkable shrubby tree, but it really shines in the spring. Later, it will make dark berries that look something like an olive. Some of those fell to the ground and sprouted this year so I have to rescue them before "she who mows recklessly" fires up the push mower.


This is not fringe tree, but a gorgeous dogwood in front of an abandoned house along a dirt road. This picture is two weeks old, the dogwoods have finished their show.

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The photo above is one of my favorite Pure Florida plants. It's the wild azalea that grows outside my bedroom window. Like the fringe tree, it's not much to look at for 99% of the year, but it has it's moments.

I saw my first hummer of the season yesterday evening flitting between this and the shrimp plants.


Rurality said...

I got a hummingbird before you did?! (Why does this make me feel smug?)

There are some native azaleas and fringe trees wild here too but not on our property, sadly. And I think that disease (that I can't remember the name of) is attacking many of our dogwoods...

pablo said...

Our grandparents were the last to see the chestnut trees. Our parents were the last to see the elms. We may be the last to see the dogwoods. I suspect this is an overstatement, but it is a bit chilling to think.

I set out my hummingbird feeder last weekend, though I think we are a week or two away from their arrival.

rick said...

did you notice the fringe matches the fringe in your beard (same color)?I am having the same problem.

doubleknot said...

That is a 'surly' under the fringe?
Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

How cool that the hummingbirds arrive just in time to take a little sip from the wild azalea. I love how they time that. That's quite a blue sky you have there. Nice fringe hat!

Thunder Dave said...

Nice photos of spring!
The tree in our front yard is just starting to bud. I call it "The Tree" because I'm not exactly sure what it is. It was supposed to be a dogwood, but it's not. I think it's some type of ornamental pear, or possibly a thornless hawthorn. I'll have to get some shots of it in full bloom and then again with full leaves so that you or one of the panel of experts can help out!

roger said...

surly you jest. or maybe; surly, you jest. surly does look to be entering greybearded geezerhood.

it does seem to me that many native plants have stunning flowers, for only a short period. dogwoods disappearing? tell me it isn't so.

Deb said...

Hi surly! It's always nice to see the signs of spring going on in different parts of the country. And that wild azalea is gorgeous.

Ummm...shrimp plants? And here I thought shrimp came from the ocean. ;)

Thunder Dave said...


I forgot to tell Patience
GO Gator's!

vicki said...

Well, you all are just abloom. That azalea is beautiful. Makes me think I should come down and check out my yard but the big bus in the sky is taking me back to the land of snow and ice this weekend, so Florida will have to wait.

Floridacracker said...

Even the hippies ;) got a hummingbird before I did and they are in Washington State. It may be the pace of my life that's the factor...

Don't give up on the chestnut. There's some resistant individuals out there.

One of the other names for Fringetree is "Gray Beard". That pic is a week old and that chin is bare now...part of the continueing shedding of the winter beard. Down to handlebar moustache.

I was doing my surly face pose :)

Timing is everything for the bird and the plant! That was a great sky day.

You thought shrimp came from the ocean? Nah, here we just go pick a couple dozen off the shrimp plants, then stop by the dogwood to pull a few hushpuppies...

She's on cloud nine. I wish I could put that kind of smile on her face ;)

Snow and ice in Michigan? Who are you kidding? I saw the frog photo.

Hick said...

I was by here yesterday and tried to post when I saw you in that picture. I about fell off my chair laughing...and then I wanted to cry as I watched the snow coming down out my window. Anyway, blogger was down for the count so I poured myself a glass of wine and toasted your pictures of dogwood. Ours aren't even budding yet. Boo hoo.

Floridacracker said...

You makin' fun of my hat?