Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Puzzler...whazzat?


Here's a carving I did of spalted maple from a tree in my mom's yard.
The carving was a gift, the item is useful, but she will never use it for it's intended purpose. It sits on her mantle as a decoration...which is just fine.
She does not hike.
You are seeing roughly half of it, but you have no size reference in the cropped photo.

What is it?

I will post an answer when I get home this evening. I think I actually get to come home without going to any kind of ceremony or school activity this afternoon, so it should not be late. Posted by Picasa


pablo said...

um, a hiking stick?

Deb said...

Shovel handle?

Laura said...

I believe it is used to ward off snakes and other critters that may find their way inside the house during the rainy season. When they see that big wooden owl coming at them, they'll flee out the back door again.
And if they don't flee, but instead rear their ugly heads in defiance, then that big old owl will come down...."WHACK!" right on their heads!

Nice of you to provide your mom with such an effective security tool. Am I right, or delirious?

Or it could be a highly decorative broom handle?

Either way, you are most talented at wood carving! I would like to place an order, if you ever decide to sell your carvings! I have a few kids around here that I can use the carving on and....oh, opps... never mind. ;)

Ava said...

I think it is a walking stick!


roger said...

okay. "sits on her mantle" must be a clue about size, so shovel handle seems out, unless the mantle is rather large. dwarf pawpaw has been used already. looks bigger than a toothpick. cane sounds possible. i like the spalting pattern.

robin andrea said...

It's an owl carved on a stick.

Hick said...

It's a whacker. Since you don't live there any longer, she doesn't need it.


Just kiddin'. Sure is pretty, though.

pablo said...

I like Hick's answer, though Robin Andrea's can't really be argued with either.

Mrs. S said...

I think it's a garden tool... a big post to train vines around with the owl on the top to scare away potential vine-bearing-fruit eaters.

That would make sense about it fitting on her mantle... I think?

Floridacracker said...

Not a cane or walking stick, even tho that is my usual arena.

Deb and Mrs.S,
She is a gardener, but this is not a garden device.

Hard to debate your answer :)

Well, delirious does come to mind, but I was laughing through your discourse! :)

It's not a whacker, but she probably still has the old paddle that graced my butt occasionally.

pablo said...

Okay, it's a spoon.

(I think your captcha words are getting longer.)

Floridacracker said...


Mrs. S said...

Bah. The size-issue (that is, not knowing how big it was) really threw me off lol

It's a very nice spoon, though... and I think Hick's answer should count because the wooden spoon was the most feared kitchen utensil at our house for just that reason.

Hick said...

Ha! Just as I thought...a per mrs. s. She seems to know what she is talkin' about. I'll let Pablo win though...even though he had more than one guess.

How does he know these things?

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
At our house it was one of those paddles that you hit the ball on the rubber cord with. It stung your pride more than anything else.

I'm still not sure. He posted his final answer as I was working on the answer post above, but his time seems to be before it hit the net. Curious...