Friday, June 16, 2006

Asymmetrical Battiness

I mentioned carving a bat the other day and Wayne commented that he wanted to see it. This bat is just an accent that will be glued to the front of the bat house that I am making for Miss Cindy. (Wife of my friend, he did free backhoe work here, she wants a bat house)

So here it is. This is only meant to be seen from a distance so it's not fine art...just a piece of T-111 sketched on, jigsawed, and then shaped a little with the the Dremel tool. All together it took about 30 minutes, and it shows, with one wing a little bigger than the other. Oh well.

It's a "symbolic" bat okay?

I think it'll look okay attached to the front of her bat boudoir.

Gotta go, one more day of post schoolyear teacher training..."Sit Teacher, Sit! Roll Over! Good Teacher!" know, that kind of thing. Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

Oh come on, you could sell these on Ebay!

roger said...

looks batty enough. no talking in class now.

Mrs. S said...

I thought the right wing was slightly bigger than the left wing to demonstrate that we are looking at the bat from an angle - you know, like, he is turned slightly so his left side is further back than his right side to our view. I thought it was all gloriously artistic and very well done. You shouldn't have told us it was a mistake ;)

Wayne said...

Thank you thank you! It's a great accent! I like the concept and execution. what's a dremel tool? More bats to you, FC.

Sit Teacher, Sit! Roll Over! Good Teacher!

So long as you don't have to do construction paper cutouts.

robin andrea said...

It's a beautiful carved bat, FC. When you said you were carving a bat, I immediately thought of baseball. How weird.

Do you get treats when you've been good?

doubleknot said...

I also thought you were carving a bat - too much baseball lately - your bat looks just fine to adorn a bat house.

Deb said...

The asymmetry makes it look all the more natural! But will it make the bats know that that is their house?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

At least we can be sure you will not beg.

Ava said...

Hope you learned some new moves at your training. Can you play dead yet? He he he!!!

I think that is a fabulous bat!


threecollie said...

Nice bat and I am sure the other bats will go batty over it and move right into your bat house!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, but I better keep my day job too!

nothing worse than a class full of teachers on the last day of a 2 week training...just like the kids before a big break...squirrelly!

Mrs. S,
Oh, you're good, very good. I like that reasoning.

You're welcome! Dremel is the brand name of one of the more common rotary tools that you can fit with carving bits for power carving. You really need to get into Home Depot more often :)

I leave the baseball bat carving to those guys in Louisville.
We actually do get treats...I've never seen so many candy bowls as I have at this training. I was strong and ate my granola bar.

Thanks. Not much of a basebal fan, so when I think bat, it's the furry kind.

...or will it scare them away? I wonder too.

Already been through that's called marriage.

Thanks, I'm afraid to play dead around here...too many constantly hungry teenagers.

Thanks, hopefully there will be a no vacancy sign up shortly after it goes up!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I think it's a lovely little bat for the bat house....I sure hope it doesn't scare the real bats away. hehehe
Just's really good and the bats will love it on their little house.

Wayne said...

FC - ah yes. I have been told that I need to get into doing more shopping. Perhaps this will do it!