Friday, July 21, 2006

At The Gym...Pure Florida Style



(The view from my gym)

I'm not a jock...not even an exjock, but I do love to lift weights. I enjoy it while I'm doing it and I especially like the feeling afterwards...that residual mix of endorphins and the "pump" that makes you feel a little like Clark Kent's alter ego for a half hour or so.

Having said that, I've never had a gym membership...except for a short
stint at the YMCA when I was 19. I started for the usual reasons...girls, trying to look tough, and keeping up with my cousins and buddies who
were athletes. You could lump all of that under vanity I guess.

(Above: Fellow Pure Florida gym member, Lady, working on the barrel press machine)

Later, working in law enforcement, it just made good sense. Even now in the role of educator, it amazes me how teenage boys respect physical power (or the appearance of it). They are a primitive, more tribal lot, and any appropriate reason for their initial respect and rapport in the classroom is welcome. Once I hook 'em, I can teach 'em.

Now, at 48, lifting weights keeps my metabolism high, builds bone, and still feels great. (My wife said, "You left out vanity!)
She's so funny.


(Above: Flounder working out on the porchswingflex machine while Feather patiently waits her turn. There's usually no wait at the Pure Florida Gym) ....note: I powerwashed the porch after seeing this photo, the deck's better now.

So what do you do to stay fit?

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pablo said...

I keep a blog to stay fit. Always has me on the go.

I'm surprised your dog is comfortable on that swing. A moving surface and one that is really no different from the floor below. My pup would have jumped down immediately.

Thunder Dave said...

I use 1/2 liter curls, alternating arms! I'll take some photos of my biceps and post them sometime! ;-)

Hey, every now and then I actually get my hands dirty at work by getting out into the Process Lab. Sometimes I simply have to prove that I really do know how, and can still make the equipment run! Physical stature still helps to gain respect with adult males too (growing older, but not up!)!

Leslie said...

I used to tape Denise Austin's workout every day on Lifetime (television for women) but since we moved a year ago we don't have TV. And the floor of the old farm house may not be strong enough to stand up to jumping and running in place.

I've noticed some bags and sags. Not sure what I'll do about them, if anything. Thanks for the guilt trip.

roger said...

i am currently working out my legs on the laddermaster. a step up from stairmaster. i have added weights in the form of tools for upper body workout. moving bundles of shingles is a bit more work. in my off time i dig apparently random and senseless holes in the ground. also, my laptop computer is very heavy.

robin would make me clean the deck before i took a picture. more exercise.

mmmmmmm. powerwasher.

robin andrea said...

Walking is my absolute favorite workout. I am not much for organized exercise, but this shingling job is really quite invigorating. In an earlier time of my life I did aerobics. I actually did that very regularly for a few years.

It's true about cleaning the deck before the photo. I'm really a tyrant.

Mrs. S said...

I want to sign up for whatever weight-training program the dogs are doing. That looks like a TON more fun than lifting weights, in MY opinion.

Debbie said...

HaHaHaHa, FC, you are so funny! I work full-time, have two teenagers in the house, make a family sit-down dinner every night, do the paperwork for my husband's construction company, and am the primary caregiver for my elderly mother. Exercise?? Who has the time or energy?

Floridacracker said...

Blogging keeps me on my butt too addictive. Flounder orignally oozed up on to the bench to be with me. When I oozed off to get the picture, he stayed for a few minutes.

What? No keg curls?

Oh no, it wasn't meant to be a guilt trip, just silly rambling. I could sit and watch Denise Austin work out all day :)

ahhh, i know those exercise machines. it was a borrowed powerwasher, but wowsers! must.have.powerwasher.

Hard to read your gentle writings and then picture you as tyrant, but...
Weird, how I didn't notice how dirty that deck was until I saw the photo.

Mrs. S,
"Dogs just wanna have fun.."

Sounds like you're getting plenty!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It appears to me that Lady has that barrel right where she wants it. No more effort required.

Ava said...

Me? I try to eat small single servings, I also lift weights and walk on the treadmill, Tai Chi and belly dancing. All good and easy on my "lupus" joints.
I also play with my dog.

Floridacracker said...

She's a master of the prone barrel press.

Wow, that's good stuff.

John Cowart said...

To keep in the shape I'm in, I read about how other people exercise.

Hick said...

Nothing like finally being able to get on line and come here and read about exercise. I'm supposed to be on vacation.

Okay, the question. I'm still walking. I average about 15,000 steps per day (roughly 6 miles for me because I have short legs.) It's nicer to walk here at Tahoe than at home because it's not so hot and the scenery is bee-utiful. I also bike ride...but mostly I walk...and walk...and walk.

I think I'd rather use the your dog.

Buddy the Dog said...

I stay fit by following my owners all over the house. They never seem to stay in one room long enough so it keeps me moving.
When they're not home, I conserver precious energy by sleeping on the couch.
Every evening, I grab the leash and coax them out the door. It really bugs me when they don't want to go for a walk!

This past week, we were able to hike up and down some pretty big mountains and I was able to swim in mountain streams.
Boy, I got a workout up there in the mountains like i've never had before. I hope my owners take me back there again, it sure was pretty!

threecollie said...

Ah, what a treat to come home and catch up on week's worth of Pure Florida.
Pure Delight is what I call it.
For excersize I milk cows. As a short person in a tall barn it entails lots of tippy-toeing and stretching to plug machines to the overhead pipeline. And lugging machines and buckets around, chasing cows in and out....feeding calves. Keeps me fit I mean.

Deb said...

I pick up after everyone else in the household. I also have a yoga book I've renewed twice from the library, thinking I'd like to give it a try one of these days...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I read your blog to keep me on my toes and to give my mind a good work-out...that's what I do.
I also have one of those looks very much like your porchswingflex machine but mine is suspended by chains.
I have been exercising my arms & shoulders by pushing, pulling & tugging on a trike...I do this for 200 miles every other day...I need the off day to rest my weary muscles.

benning said...

I do the two-handed Mug curl, and the popcorn toss for dexterity. Also, rising in the morning I count as aerobics. The wheezing is the burn, baby!

swamp4me said...

At 48 I, too, exercise to keep my metabolism up. Push-ups, sit-ups, weight-training and running keep me in good enough shape that I can work all day in the swamp and still have the energy to chase bad guys when necessary :)

Floridacracker said...

Eyes need exercise too.

My brother n law was showing us a bunch of pics recently of a big charity bike ride around Lake Tahoe that he did earlier this year. Just in case you were there, his team wore pink flamingoes on their bike helmets.

So glad you got to go mountain hiking and not get eaten by a bear. Swimming and hiking are great warm ups for the "sleeping on the couch" workout. Sounds like you're back in FL and the trip went well.

Thanks, hope that vacation was a good one. It's nice to know that farmers and ranchers can actually go on a vacation with all those critters to care for.

...we're supposed to pick up after ourselves? Uh oh.

200 miles every other day? Wow. I found you can actually sleep in the porchswingflex machine.

Whatever works. Sounds like the Thunder Dave workout!

Wow, that ought'a do it.

Hurricane Teen said...

Wow, FC. You're getting up into the 20+ comments range. Congratulations. If only I HAD weights to lift at home...but kayaking, hiking, and cycling builds enough muscle for me.

Floridacracker said...

Hurricane Teen,
Well, you're taking care of the cardio and the muscle at the same you've got that "teen" thing going for ya!