Monday, July 10, 2006

Clam Farming ...The Harvest

In the collage, the top left picture shows Bill emptying a bag of clams. The bottom left shot is of him preparing to open a bag of clams that has spent about 12 months underwater.
The clam pulling crew...(Kelly and I) loaded up the bow of the boat with plenty of bags as the upper right shot shows. Funny, but each bag seemed to get progressively heavier as the day went on...
In the lower right, a lovely handfull of clams.


The skipper (above) kept us on task and allowed no slacking. This man is a walking, talking history book of fishing and living on the water.

The capable Mr. B. at the helm. We flew in loaded to the gunnels with clams. It was a good harvest and a great day.
Next step, ...Rosie's packing house. Posted by Picasa


Leslie said...

Great photos and writeup. Why do you wear gloves? Are the clams ridges sharp?

Makes me wonder how we can get clams so cheap at a restaurant after all that time waiting for them to grow, and all the work of planting them and harvesting them.

I'm hungry now.

Floridacracker said...

Don't worry, I'm making chowder!
The gloves are for all of the other things that grow on the bags, oysters,barnacles, and broken shells, etc. Even tough guy skin gets soft after hours in the water and the nicks and scrapes add up.

Hurricane Teen said...

Looks like fun for the first hour or two, but it seems like this work could be tiring after a whole day. Mr. B. looks like a guy I could really get along with...for some reason I tend to get along with old people better than the younger ones. Weird. Anyway, I digress. Are you going to post about Rosie's packing house?

Hurricane Teen said...

Oops. I didn't see the post right below this one before I commented about the packing house. {:-0) My sowwy.

Floridacracker said...

Hurricane Teen,
No problem.
Mr. B. would put ya to work!