Sunday, July 02, 2006

Waccasassa Adventure Chapter One: We Arrive


On Friday, I shanghied a crew to man my long boat and we left for a raiding party on the Wild Waccasassa River. Our first stop was a tiny trading post near Gulf Hammock. We did some trading for provisions, the natives seemed eager for our shiny baubles, and we needed their "Ade de Gator"...a locally created liquid refreshment.


Right from the start, I could see these two greenhorns would need training if they were to be called, "crew". I caught the girly one slipping and falling in this shot. Who knew muddy boat ramps were slippery?
My work was cut out for me.


Eventually, after repeatedly instructing, " No, the wide end of the paddle goes in the water!" we were underway. There was no turning back now...

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Wayne said...

OK - are we nearing the time for the parade of boat floats, or is this something different?

It's always nice when the natives have something you want, and vice-versa. I hope you didn't trade any of your carvings for "ade de gator".

Laura said...

I can't believe y'all went swimming with the alligator gars! LOL!
SOunds like a fun trip!
Hope the stair treads are coming along well. :)

Mrs.S said...

Hee hee, this was a great story.

But, like Laura, I am SHOCKED that you would go swimming in the same water where giant lizards live. *shudder* I'm not sure you'd have convinced ME, no matter how hot it was!!!

Well... maybe if someone was on lookout, but... yeah, no, probably not.

Floridacracker said...

No carvings were traded. The Circle K tribe was only interested in coin of the realm.

Aye Lass, we were lucky to survive!

First coat went okay, now to lightly sand and second coat..., I'd rather be canoeing.

Mrs. S,
Thank you kindly. Those big reptiles are pretty sneaky so we chose a loooonggg ,flat ,shallow clear stretch to get out and play. Yes, I was on watch the entire time.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Thank God for trading posts. I would hate to see you go out into the wild without your pemmican and grits. And, of course, your Ade de Gator. And knee pads.

Laura said...

I'm back. A whole insurance form? Really? How many pages did it take to fill out the form while my site loaded? Let me know, when I get the speed down to just one insurance form page, we'll call it a day. ;)

I updated, it's about your favorite animal: CATS! hahaha.

And thank you for the Birthday Greetings! Please let Mrs. FC know that Steak n Shake has gone downhill since her departure. LOL.

Floridacracker said...

About that pemmican stuff...animal fat and dried wonder the mountain men were so tough.
Now grits on the other hand...

Well, it was an AFLAC form and was pretty user friendly...I am still on dial up so it could be me, but one day your site is fast, the next day molasses. It seems to be a Typepad thing, Vicki's site, OutsideIn , does the same thing.
Too bad about the Steak and Wait experience :)

Ava said...

Yikes! Muddy boat ramps ARE slippery! I know this from experience!!!!

Glad your crew was able to get the boat going!!!


Likes2mtnbike said...

Now that's Pure Florida! Excellent set of posts. The Alafia used to be much the same. My brother and I and various buddies spent many a summer paddling along (or tubing, which never happens anymore). I miss that. My partner's pop has a place on the Suanee but that's just become a speedboat mecca.
Ahhh, the things we will miss.

rick said...

The pic of Jr turning around in the canoe looks like I flashed back 30 years ago.Man were getting old.Are yall having a 30th reunion this summer?

Floridacracker said...

Who among us has not suffered from ramp butt?

I know what you mean. At least with a canoe you can get into skinny water where the big boats can't go. I want a sea kayak!

There's only one alternative to getting older cuz!
The 30th should happen, I haven't gotten official word yet.