Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BIG Hail Storm Last Night

Major hail storm last night. Of course Florida Hail is much bigger than other states.

To quote Fozzy Bear,
"Wacka wackaPosted by Picasa


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

There's nothing better than starting out the morning with a good laugh.
When I first read the title of your post, I immediately thought, "I hope he didn't forget and leave the little turtles out," then my thoughts went to, "hope nothing is damaged and everythings ok."

Then I saw your picture...
and now I'm wondering if that's how they grow marshmallows? Great picture of a marshmallow farm...and you thought you could pass it off to us as hail. LOL

Rurality said...

Hyuk, hyuk.

threecollie said...

Wonder what we could do to get some hail like that to fall up here?!??

Wayne said...

HA! Only FC would do this, but then we all know he's an... extremely cool fella.

I've seen those things painted in American flags, halloween jackolanterns, and georgia bulldogs. This is a first.

(I wonder what poor horses and cows have to eat that?)

roger said...

aren't those really giant puffball mushrooms?

Mrs. S said...

If I'd been more awake when reading this, I wouldn't have fallen for that. Honest.

robin andrea said...

Come FC, admit it, you took those pictures in Texas where everything is really big.

Laura said...

All the more reason to get everyone out of Florida... and hurry!!

Floridacracker said...

You saw right through my attempt to conceal the fact that marshmallows come from FLORIDA farms.

I knew you'd appreciate it :)

At 25 dollars a bale, that's some valuable hail!

It's true, I am... :)
This is part of a big beef ranch.

be sure and wear your respirator before you stomp on one of these!

Mrs. S,
Definitely, a before your coffee bit of humor.

Well, Texas IS just across the pond.


Hurricane Teen said...

mmm, about as close to snowballs as we will ever get here.

benning said...

Do you hear 'rim shots' through the day? LOL

Nice post! Made me chuckle - who doesn't need a chuckle?

Thunder Dave said...

You crack me up!