Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby Turtles Update


You might catch yourself thinking as you go about your daily duties, "I wonder how FC's turtles are doing?"

The answer is, they are doing great.


I set them up in a nice new rubbermaid container with a bit of limestone to haul out on and tossed in some duckweed to nibble. They seem pretty happy with the new accomodations.



I think you can see this little guys "egg tooth" if you look carefully at his face. See the white point? These guys have done lots of sunning, swimming, and eating since using that egg tooth to slice their way out of their eggs and into the world.

So you can rest easy...no need for distant turtle anguish or worry.

Now, get back to work. Posted by Picasa


threecollie said...

How long will you need to care for them? They look terrific btw.

Hurricane Teen said...

My turtle anguish was getting unbearable...it's nice to see them doing well.

Deb said...

Do the dogs leave them alone? We had a baby turtle a couple years ago, and between the kittens and dog in the house it didn't survive.


Rurality said...

Oh good, I was up all night last night worrying about them.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Good going FC. Please fill us in when you are ready to release them back into the wild (or are these destined for a carnival? ...or a science experiment?)

roger said...

nice looking turtles. i wonder if the rubbermaid has any idea of the multitude of uses we find for her little tubs.

Laura said...

When I'm painting, I often spend the whole day wondering about them. ;)

LauraHinNJ said...

Very good looking turtles!

robin andrea said...

They are so cute, FC. I think they may be the healthiest turtles I've ever seen. When I was young, I remember seeing the ones at the pet store, and thinking they looked pretty ragged. These are so vital. Great job.

pablo said...

Let me know if you need a good supply of that duckweed. I can be a three-season supplier for you at a very reasonable cost.

And yes, what will you do with these babies and when?

Mrs. S said...

Okay, I admit it - you've caught me!! During this weekend when I was supposed to be helping the bride get her train straightened out just so or putting the veil back in her hair or some other bridesmaid-ly tasks, I often found myself wondering about the turtles.

So thank you for putting my mind at ease ;)

Floridacracker said...

The truth is, they were ready to go the day they hatched. I am just enjoying their company a while before I release them into our local rivers...and my pond.

Hurricane Teen,
Glad to ease your anguish.

I keep them above dog level and of course we have NO cats. I set their tub up on the picnic table for weekend sunbaths.

Turtle induced insomnia makes for a long night. I hope this helps you get your rest this evening.

We've documented their "laying", their hatch, and now their two week progress, so you can bet their release will be yet another post.

that would be an entire book, "the many uses of rubbermaid containers that the rubbermaid never imagined"

Well, knowing they're okay should free your mind for creating the next funny VS post as you roll on the color.

Thanks! They are very easy to get attached to...which is mainly why they haven't been released yet.

They are really active and doing turtley things like sunning with their legs sticking straight out. They spend the day on the porch dining table and then I carry the tub in at night so no prowling coon thinks it's a buffet.

Funny, I thought of your duckweed pond as I scooped up this weed. There were tiny blood worms in it that dropped out into the tub when I added the duckweed. The turtles enjoyed them too.
A life of freedom and dodging alligators is in the future for these guys.

Mrs. S,
I think we can see from the comments of you and the others, that wondering about these turtles was causing a dangerous distraction for a large portion of North America.
I am happy to have resolved some of that.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your little turtles are so cute, but I guess that they are still to young to make it out in your pond. Some big bird might gobble them up or even a big fish. When will you release them...what will be your guide? Their size? I know that if they had hatched out in the wild they would have already been eaten by some hungry critter and maybe one of them would have survived.

You'll probably have them all named by the time you release them and you'll probably be able to tell them apart in some small way.

Keep the turtles for a while longer. Maybe you can toss in some minnows for them so they can practice their hunting skills.

Floridacracker said...

You are right. The pond is very shallow now and a white egret is hunting there daily. These little guys would be easy prey for him. I'm just giving them a head start past their most vulnerable time.
We have only named one, the runt. His/her name is "Squirt".

Wayne said...

They really are cute! You must be feeling birth pangs, surely.

Floridacracker said...

I'm just so glad they actually hatched after I stepped in.

benning said...

I gotta admit, they're cute little buggers. :D

Floridacracker said...

They have a certain appeal.